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CLS Classes – July thru September 2019.

We are now accepting new students for Creative Life Sciences (CLS) classes starting in July, August, & September of 2019. Classes will be held in numerous locations.

As Energy Masters using CLS’s unique blend of multidisciplinary, expert-level techniques, our training provides the spiritual seeker – of any level and of any path – with a holistic approach to the awakening, acceleration, and expansion of their Life Purpose and of their Mind, Body, and Spirit connection, and the understanding, balancing, and utilization of Universal energies, intelligences, and truths.
Contact us by Email, or call us at 800-813-5888, for more information about these upcoming classes (dates, times, & locations, etc.).
Coming soon: Internet based classes!

For more information about CLS classes in general, visit our Training webpage.


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Introductory, Core, Advance Classes & Classes for Empaths.

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