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Perfume: Nand’s Gaia Essence

Always asking the Universe for direction, Creative Life Sciences attempts to offer the best-of-the-best products for our students and followers. We have been guided to present a special aroma, Nand’s Gaia Essence, that is designed to enhance your Soul’s distinctive journey as you move through the paths you have chosen. Creative Life Sciences is the only source to offer this exclusively created scent made from fragrance and essential oils. Our distinctive Essence is full-bodied with no added alcohol and is packaged in an easy-to-carry glass bottle just perfect for applying the essence on your skin. The bottle and Description Card are presented in an earthy drawstring bag.

Encouraging your Soul to shine through in a dynamically useful way is what this attractive aroma is designed to accomplish. Why? So you can move closer to achieving your true purpose in this lifetime. It will allow your uniqueness and personal aura to emerge and help you be in sync with your higher-self guided life and your Soul.

Nand’s Gaia Essence: Experience the difference!

A holistic inspired essence to help bring you closer to earth and all of its goodness. Created with warmhearted notes of white musk, sandalwood and floral elements. Its pure essence will enlighten and transcend you to a spiritual, calming and energy-filled existence.

Order Nand’s Gaia Essence: Begin to wear and enjoy this aroma on your skin and your friends, coworkers, and others within your community will admire the comfortable aura it creates around you. Let them know that their own personality and uniqueness will come through if they also experience Nand’s Gaia Essence.

Price: US $39.95 plus Shipping/Handling.
*All sales are final – No returns or refunds – currently only available in the United States.


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