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We use our proprietary compilation of unique and exclusively designed techniques and tools to obtain accurate information and precise results.

About Our Sessions

Accurate, precise, and refreshingly thorough private readings and energy sessions are provided by our exceptional consultants, who are distinctively trained in our own specialized techniques and ethics.

Intuitive Readings

Our most requested session by far, the Intuitive Reading helps guide our clients through perplexing choices and decisions encountered while taking that “next step” in life.

Energy Healing

Our Energy Healing protocol, assesses the electromagnetic field of an individual to provide quick and impressive results.

Pain Sessions

This pain intervention and release session intercedes to relieve pain from the body. We offer separate sessions: For short-term release; More intense for long-term pain.

Cross Over Readings

This session “connects” one to someone who has passed on to an afterlife, providing confirmation of the person, or people, an individual has been hoping to reach.

Chakra Repair

A protocol designed to make sure that the eight main energy portals within the body are open and receptive to allowing the flow of Universal Energies.

Life Purpose

A session designed to provide better understanding of the work an individual has come here to do, including information about the path and type of work.

Medical Intuition

This session provides an understanding on what ailments are present in both the physiological and emotional bodies from an energy work viewpoint.


This session enhances the body’s natural protective devices by supercharging the body energetically to enhance against the impact of environmental concerns such as pollution.


This session “drapes” the client in protective shield to create an energy barrier to stop “harm”/“disruption” from getting to them.

Aura Repair

This session focuses on the repair of the various layers of the client's Aura. This is also effective for pets, as well as for people.

Complete Sessions List

For a complete list of sessions offered, including Energetic Vastu Consulting and Business Intuitive Consulting, visit our Sessions page or (click here).


Dedicated to helping individuals. Our unique modality is exceptionally dynamic. Creative Life Sciences teaches its students exclusively designed tools and techniques.

Our Training Program

Revolutionary training program awakens and accelerates each students' innate talents, gifts, and aptitudes to their maximum potential.

Rapid Results Achieved

Creative Life Sciences trains its students to engage a myriad of talents ranging from energy balancing, intuition, repair of chakras and auras, and much more.

Core Classes

After Qualification / Screening Process, students are required to commit to Core Classes: The Energy Scale©; Protection & Grounding; Clairvoyance & Auras; Energy Healing Basics.

Advanced Training

After completing the Four Core Classes, students can build on the three branches of Energy Mastery Training. Visit our Training webpage for more details or (click here).

Being Here When I Need Me

By Vivian King  Price: US $20.00

On the dusty, bumpy road of life, who is there when you need someone? When you’re alone … when you’re sick … when you want to create or when you want to celebrate, who is there to share your ups and downs?

The Awakening Princess

By Marilyn Barry  Price: US $20.00

An inspiring true story about planetary awakening spanning over 3000 years Time-travel, angels, fairies, ETs, spiritual masters and the mysteries of ancient Egypt combine in this inter-dimensional journey through time.

If I’m Crazy, I Am In Good Company: Using Our Intuitive Awareness

By I.R. Plummer  Price: US $16.99

If I’m Crazy, I Am In Good Company: Using Our Intuitive Awareness is about ordinary people who use the intuitive gifts we are given at birth, in extraordinary ways. Within each of us is the ability to connect with our soul conscious, the part of us that contains a filing cabinet of information that can answer what makes us unique, where we have been and where we are going.

Inspirations From The Universe

By Nick Olsen  Price: US $14.95

Olsen has crafted a series of meditative reflections from his own spiritual journey, which he bequeaths to his readers as poetic stepping-stones, and meditative touchstones, by which readers can both measure and hasten the progress of their own spiritual journeys. A journaling-style page accompanies each of his thought provoking poems, on which readers can immediately jot down their own responses and personal realizations from Nick’s inspirational messages.


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What Clients Say

AMAZING ACCURACY - Intuitive Reading

With amazing accuracy, Nand told me when I would meet my wife, become financially stable and even that part of my Life Purpose was to play the piano. He showed me the exact piano keys to touch, and when I did the music channeled into me. This was only a few years ago. Today I am a recording artist, married to my soul mate, and receiving an unexpected HUGE inheritance – all as Nand predicted.

Brian J., California

THANKS TO MY MOM - Medical Intuitive, Intuitive Reading, Chakra Repair, Energy Balancing & Life Purpose

Everyone in the world should experience Nand! He helped me to see things in a different way. This man is special and he has a special gift. I am only 20 years old, but had a life threatening staph infection my ankle. I was told I could lose my leg and possibly my life. My mom introduced me to Nand who heard about him from a neighbor. We were willing to try anything! Nand not only helped me heal my ankle but saw my true life purpose, which gave me hope. (Thanks mom for the gift of Nand!)

Ryan C., California

DEPRESSION LIFTING - Medical Intuitive & Energy Balancing

have been struggling with depression and anxiety for years, but it got worse after menopause. When I met Nand, I was feeling that I needed some help or I might get sucked under into the emptiness, the bleakness, the hopelessness. Nand taught me “tools” to immediately shift my life, thoughts and energy. Now, I have a real sense that it is possible for me to reach my potential and to be of service in a way that I was unable to reach or access before. As a side benefit, friends and acquaintances are stopping me on the street to ask if I have lost weight or cut my hair. I am glowing and people are responding to the energy shifts in me. Thank you Nand!

Terry H., Arizona

NEVER EXPERIENCED ANYTHING LIKE IT - Intuition, Life Purpose Reading

I've never experienced anything like it... It was like going to Heaven and getting a hug from God! I felt validated and many things were confirmed for me. He also gave me specific dates of when things would be occurring in my life, including when I would meet my soul mate and also when I would be financially free.

Gary H., Oklahoma

THE REAL DEAL - Intuitive Reading , Life Purpose

Nand is the real deal. He is connected to a way of knowing that goes beyond our normal ways. He tapped into my life’s purpose, which I had put on hold, and gave me concrete steps to do to get back on my path. I know what he told me was true. Now I am going down that path and allowing life to unfold in that direction. Thank you Nand.

Alan D., California


I attended a public talk of Nand’s and was healed of a shoulder injury. For more than 3 years I was getting chiropractic and acupuncture treatments to treat my injury yet from this one group session with Nand I was healed! I highly recommend attending one of his public talks – which are also VERY affordable!

Dawn M., California

LIFE PURPOSE DEFINED & HEALING - Life Purpose & Energy Balancing

When I was introduced to Nand at a conference, he shook my hand and said, "Hello, you're a healer, why aren't you doing something with that?" During phone and Skype sessions following our initial meeting, he instantly removed carpal tunnel pain, back pain, and other discomforts I was experiencing. And when I was battling a bout with diverticulitis that should have landed me in the hospital (again), he healed me! I had to learn how to do that! I am now taking his energy training classes, and instead of poor health and uncertainty, my life is an interesting journey, one filled with the realization of my life purpose.

Lisa L-M., New Jersey

PROFOUND READING - Intuitive Reading

Nand was profound! It amazes me how “tapped in” he was and how he could know things about a person that there is no other way of knowing. Nand fit so much into an hour – he gets information so quickly. Amazing! We’ll see how it all plays out in the next few months. He definitely gave me some structure to hold onto and most importantly – HOPE.

Dana S., California


July 3, 2014 I had my first ever session with Creative Life Sciences. The person who provided this service was Nand Harjani. I have never had a session before with anyone or any organization prior to this experience.

I was very curious going into the session to ascertain whether Nand would be able to provide insight and guidance into my particular situation. Nand did not disappoint! Throughout my hour long session Nand repeatedly touched upon specific persons and situations affecting my life. What I heard confirmed what I already knew and additionally provided insight into ongoing circumstances as well as things to come.

I am very pleased with my experience and look forward to my next session. Folks, Nand is for real!

James W., California


Nearly four years ago while I was looking for work, you told me I would be offered a job soon and sure enough I was offered a job shortly afterwards. You gave me a talisman that I still wear to this day, thank you!

Last year, when we got together, I mentioned that I was planning on moving back to AZ in Sept when my lease was up and you paused, took a second and responded that it would be better in Spring 2015. As you predicted once again, job prospects were slow if not non-existent so I renewed my lease for another 6 months. In February, I was called in for my first round of interviews, made it through the second interview and was offered a job on the spot! Your predictions and advice have ALWAYS been accurate and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all your help, Nand, your insights are accurate and very positive. You bring light everywhere you go and you always bring joy and kindness to everyone you meet.

K.S., Arizona

Latest News & Updates

Annual Reading for the Upcoming Year – 2016

We are now taking reservations for Annual Readings for 2016. This session provides the upcoming year’s high points and hurdles so a client is better prepared to move through those events and/or overcome related challenges.

This reading makes a fantastic holiday gift!

E-mail us to set up your session, or one for a friend or loved one.

Annual Reading for the Upcoming Year – 2016

We are now taking reservations for Annual Readings for 2016. This session provides the upcoming year’s high points and hurdles so a client is better prepared to move through those events and/or overcome related challenges.

This reading makes a fantastic holiday gift!

E-mail us to set up your session, or one for a friend or loved one.

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