In his youth, Nand – the founder of Creative Life Sciences – came to appreciate both his Sindhi heritage, lineage, as well as the Sindhi teachings/understanding of Subtle Energies and Esoteric Philosophies.

Dating back to somewhere around 10,000 to 9,000 B.C.E. the area commonly known as either the Indus or Sindhus Valley Civilization thrived. It was both a literate and a technical society having the knowledge of, and the practical experience with, various technologies such as agriculture, architecture, civil engineering, town planning, shipbuilding, astronomy, and algebra, etc. Interestingly, along with those achievements, historical scholars have noted that this sophisticated civilization placed a special emphasis on mental and spiritual growth rather than on material needs. The map provided on this page shows the location of the Sindhus Civilization found in today’s southeastern Pakistan and southwestern India.

Since the early 1990’s, Nand has created practical and distinctive protocols that are used by Creative Life Sciences’ educational program.

The SiddhuPrana™ Subtle Energy is a variation of Prana Energy. SiddhuPrana™ is trademarked and used by Creative Life Sciences to enable and energize its protocols for various purposes including health restoration, investigation, practitioner certification, and more, as found elsewhere in the Creative Life Sciences website.