We at Creative Life Sciences are proud to present the following seminars, each one of which is designed to help the participant on their Life and Spiritual Evolutionary journeys. These are unique and available exclusively through Creative Life Sciences.

Being Here When I Need Me

Based on Vivian King’s book, “Being Here When I Need Me”, this series of seminars assists the journeyer in making their way through the forest, and climbing the mountains of their consciousness, to discover what is profoundly meaningful and holy.

For each individual, who is there when someone is needed as a traveling companion on the dusty, bumpy road of life during loneliness? Illness? Creativity? Or celebration? And the other ups and downs of life?

Learning to embrace a sense of “Being Here When I Need Me” can remove the dependency on material things and/or on other people. And it cultivates the inner strength to be with others without losing the sacred center found inside each individual. It provides a profound understanding that “you will never need to walk alone”.

Creative Life Sciences have the sole and exclusive authorization to present these seminars. These are available at this time for: (1) Individuals, (2) Couples, (3) Small Groups.

Soul & Spirit working with the Body & Mind: A Practical Approach©

In this seminar, participants will learn how the soul and spirit work together with the body and mind to nourish the entire person. It includes a straightforward, and very portable, approach to meditation, “Compassionate Relaxation”©. Also it introduces a practical, understandable, and empowering approach on what to eat, what best nourishes the body, through “Practicing the Fine Art of Culinary Self-Defense”©. This combination helps open the way for a clearer, more balanced, grounded, and synergetic connection between all four aspects of an individual.

The Fraction of Life©

How can someone know if they are correctly following their life path? Are there signs and signals? The simple answer is yes, there are. This seminar is designed to help the participants begin to spot, and/or better recognize, acknowledge, and understand those indicators as they happen in their own life. How does this knowledge expand an individual’s understanding of their journey? As a focal point of that explanation, this seminar introduces the participants to a basic spiritual mathematics concept…The Fraction of Life©.

Seminar Hosting

If you want to host one of the above seminars, send us an e-mail at to find out what the requirements are.


More Seminars on the Way

Please visit this page often, as we will soon be offering additional new and unique Seminars.