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As Energy Masters, we guide and train individuals to lead lives that have more effective connections with the understanding, balancing, and utilization of Universal energies, intelligences, and truths.


Creative Life Sciences (CLS) was founded on the great aspiration of bridging the worlds of:

  • Arts (Creative)
  • Intuitive (Life)
  • Scientific/Medical (Sciences)

With these three disciplines integrated, Creative Life Sciences, found it could serve individuals around the world during this time of initiation and soul ascent.


Creative Life “Sciences” unique blend of multidisciplinary, expert-level techniques, and trainings provides the spiritual seeker – of any level and of any path – with a holistic approach to the awakening, acceleration, and expansion of their Life Purpose and of their Mind, Body, and Spirit connection.


Nand Harjani is the founder and managing principal of Creative Life Sciences. As an Energy Master and expert-level Intuitive, Nand developed Creative Life Sciences training program which encompasses over 50 different learning levels. Based on tools and techniques exclusively designed by Nand, Creative Life Sciences teaches its students to understand and work with the electromagnetic field in our ethereal bodies. Nand also is widely known for his highly accurate and effective personal and business-related readings, healings, and public talks.

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Two of the prime guiding principles of Creative Life Sciences, are intent and integrity. Creative Life Sciences teaches that these are integral and trustworthy guides through the sometimes unclear and poorly lit paths along life’s journey. In keeping with these concepts, Creative Life Sciences teaches that when given a choice, always work towards maintaining clear, unbiased, and helpful intent, and think, say, and do what is most aligned with integrity.


Creative Life Sciences has been globally well respected since 1998 for teaching its unique and exceptionally dynamic modality to thousands of students who reside in numerous countries around the world.

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