Creative Life Sciences consultants receive the rigorous, thorough, and unique multi-level training developed by Nand Harjani, ensuring that the results you receive will be detailed, accurate, and effective.

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Nand is the founder of Creative Life Sciences. He is known for his highly accurate and effective personal and business readings, energy balancing, energy adjustments, and public talks. In those capacities, he has assisted individuals, as well as corporations, to gain clarity, release old and destructive patterns, and has guided them in their life paths towards a more powerful, self-actualizing, and inspired existence. He has appeared on television, radio, and has been interviewed for magazine and newspaper articles globally. As an Energy Master and Expert-Level Intuitive, and in his heartfelt capacity as a teacher, Nand developed Creative Life Sciences’ highly effective training program.


Drawing on her years of corporate experience and a firm believer in celebrating life, Jacqueline has developed extraordinary intuitive abilities and her presence is a source of joy for those around her. Clients are drawn to her high octane energy and her passion for wisdom and clarity.

Jacqueline has studied with Nand and Creative Life Sciences since 2004 and has become a skilled practitioner of: intuitive and business readings; chakra balancing; energy balancing. No day is ordinary when Jacqueline is around. She injects a healthy dose of fun into everyday activities with her natural ability to make the most of every moment. Clients gain a new perspective along with important insights into their lives. Jacqueline is currently based in Hong Kong. She is available for sessions by appointment either by phone or in person. Jacqueline is available to consult in French, German, and English.


Through actively and humbly embracing and overcoming challenges in her life, Lavina has revealed a nurturing ability to assist others in their own ongoing journeys. Using her training in the Creative Life Sciences dynamic modality as the energizing focal point of her work, she specializes in helping individuals find freedom from stagnant emotional issues. This allows clients to explore and discover themselves, and connect in a refreshed way with their emotions, and with people and situations in their lives. Lavina is available to consult in English, Hindi, and Sindhi.


As an internationally acclaimed Lifestyle Nutritional Guide, and a Certified Nutrition Consultant with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare field, Kristine embraces her passion for giving her clients the tools to achieve a high quality of life no matter what their health condition is. She has worked with people, and given talks, throughout the United States, Canada, Singapore, and Taiwan. Her many areas of knowledge include homeopathic remedies, herbs, and supplements, essential oils, and exercise physiology.

Kristine’s expertise covers Lyme, gastrointestinal disorders, auto-immune, fatigue, and those who have lost their zest for life. Seeing nutrition as a bridge between body and spirit, she views each of her clients as a whole person, working to help them understand that connection. In keeping with that philosophy, Kristine uses her intuition, which has been enhanced through her Creative Life Sciences training, to suggest additional types of assistance, such as deep breathing and relaxation techniques, meditation, and energy-balancing work, depending on the client’s needs and interests.

Many of her clients, who previously have been through years of searching for relief, have found that Kristine not only accomplishes that relief, but holds a space for them to feel safe, hopeful, and at peace. In addition, many now feel happier, and say they are better able to cope not only with their health condition, but also with their environment at home, work, and life in general.


Karolin describes herself as being quite intuitive since she was young. She recalls having premonitions in dreams since she was 7 years old. In 2002 she began her training with Nand and started with the energy healing courses. With these new protocols she successfully fine tuned her intuition and skills to better serve herself and the people around her.

Karolin has a Master’s degree in Conflict Analysis and Resolution which has helped her gain a better understanding of how people deal with internal and external conflict. She believes that energy work is very much needed in the field of conflict resolution, especially as it pertains to victims of trauma. She is well versed in intuitive readings, reading coffee grinds, dream interpretation, and energy balancing. In addition to English, Karolin is available to consult in Farsi.


Born with innate talents and trained in the highly effective Creative Life Sciences modalities, Lisa brings an unusual set of talents to assist those desirous of change, evolution, and help.

In her sessions, Lisa is very meticulous and quick to reach into depth of soul of the individual to immediately provide the truth that is being sought. Her clients have felt their respective message presented clearly with an unusual calm and depth. While Lisa is fluent in many aspects and skills, she has a unique talent for moving energies through the body to achieve a balanced and grounded state of being.


Nick has proven his strength by helping businesses, both large and small, with his precise, focused, and accurate clairvoyant abilities. That input, combined with his remote viewing and space clearing abilities, provides business clients with clear pictures of their business outcomes. He also uses those same abilities, as well as grounding, balancing, chakra clearing, and more to help individuals in personal sessions. In addition to his clear viewing of information, Nick is also a published author.


Stephen’s lifelong listening skills, along with his excellent ability to deeply comprehend the client’s deeper meanings and needs, make him unique.

Following his metaphysically-grounded doctoral education in 2012 and 2014, Stephen went on to complete his applied energy practical skills training with Creative Life Sciences in 2014 and currently holds their Consultant/Teacher certificate.

Stephen is effective as either an individual practitioner or member of a team. Stephen is well-rounded in various facets of energy work. Specific skills include: ailment remedy assistance; space clearings; energy protections; clairvoyance; remote viewing; chakra clearing; and energy balancing.


As a business consultant, I’m “Facilitating Change from Every Direction” and offer my client a unique range of expertise in virtually all aspects of operations, from logistics and procurement to customer service, billing, and marketing. My high-level perspective on best practices and the ability to implement programs and support a company navigating change has allowed me to work in many different business platforms.

In pivoting my business to include personal/business coaching. I am choosing trauma as my specialty because everyone has exposure to trauma. However, it does vary from one person to another; it can leave a residue that can create the inability to move forward or reinforce or create negative behaviors that may no longer serve you. Many people think of trauma as horrific life experiences such as physical and sexual abuse or combat. While trauma is those things, it is also emotional abuse, financial loss, divorce, career loss, grief, infertility, postpartum adjustment, and anything else that negatively impacts your life or causes emotional pain.

I have experienced my childhood trauma from 4-16 years old. I then experienced a cheating spouse, the failure of divorce, and in 2008, experience the death of six significant people within 11 months. Over the years, I went through talk therapy, Primal therapy, which is trauma-based psychotherapy (which I would never recommend), as well as EMDR Therapy. Although practical, they left gaps of emotional residue.

Having done much training in every area of my life, I immediately knew I found something extraordinary when completing my certification in Creative Life Sciences. This training allows me to facilitate more transformational techniques that I have incorporated in my overall process.