Empath Classes

Creative Life Sciences Training program is comprised of four different levels:

  • the 1st of the four is the Empath Series of Classes. To learn more, scroll down
  • the 2nd is the Introductory Series of Classes; To learn more, click here
  • the 3rd includes the Core 1 and Core 2 classes; To learn more, click here
  • and the 4th level encompasses the Three Branches of Energy Mastery Training. To learn more, click here

Empath Classes (EC)

The Empath Classes by Creative Life Sciences are designed for those who want to understand what an Empath is, how to recognize the traits of being an Empath, and how to manage living life as an Empath, effectively and calmly, and with more distinctly defined personal boundaries. The class provides the attendee with some basic, yet practical, tools for immediate use.

The Empath Series of training is comprised of 4 separate classes. These classes require no pre-qualification.

EC One:

Covered in this 1st class are: defining what an Empath is; and learning basic Ethereal Protection (specifically designed for an Empath).

US $500.00

EC Two:

In this class, the “symptoms” of being an Empath are identified; plus enhanced Ethereal Protection and Grounding are presented (both specifically designed for an Empath).

US $500.00

EC Three:

This class addresses: how to recognize and deal with romance as an Empath; plus an additional grounding technique is presented; and the class closes with yet another enhanced protection.

US $500.00

EC Four:

In this class: everything from the previous 3 EC classes is woven together as an effective set of tools; plus additional protocols that can be used as tools for an Empath are included.

US $500.00