Events & Talks


We are available for business and non-business related public talks on a constantly increasing number of pertinent, interactive, and life empowering topics. Upon request, the topic of a talk can be customized for a particular event. For information on the availability of Creative Life Sciences’ speakers, topics, and rates, please e-mail us. To see a schedule of our upcoming Public Talks & Events, please visit our Calendar.


Creative Life Sciences’ consultants give public talks on a wide range of topics, including “Connecting with Your Guides”, “Understanding Auras”, and “Are You on the Correct Path for this Life?”, etc.

These events are held in a variety of venues, ranging from public auditoriums, classrooms, and private homes, etc. To host a talk, contact us.

Visit this webpage often to learn about new talks, or click here to be on our invitation / mailing list.

Public Talks Currently available:

  1. Disconnecting from Past-Life Energies: During this talk, you will learn what, if any, past life energies are holding you back, how to recognize the energies, and how to sever the tie. A simple exercise to begin this process will be presented.
  2. Are you on the correct path for this Life?: A presentation that briefly describes the signs and signals we are presented with which inform us that we are either on the correct life path or not. Simple, easy to learn, tools are presented to help recognize those cues.
  3. Connecting with your Guides: This presentation gives the audience a practical set of exercises to activate connections with their Guides.
  4. Understanding Auras: This talk provides a practical, real world understanding of the Aura, its various layers and colors, and provides a basic tool to actually sense your own Aura. A favorite of our audiences from around the World.
  5. Remote Viewing: Remote viewing is sensing details and experiencing specific surroundings about a person, place, or event from any distance, and not limited by time. This presentation briefly describes the Creative Life Sciences remote viewing method. There will be an in-talk demonstration, which will include some simple guidelines to help you begin exploring this.

All public talks include:

  1. The average talk lasts between 1 hour to 1.5 hours (60 to 90 minutes).
  2. These talks include a presentation, question and answer period, and either a mini-healing or brief-intuitive answer to a question.
  3. Where appropriate, most talks include one or more of the following: An in-talk demonstration; a brief set of how-to guidelines; description of a basic/practical life-enhancing tool; etc.