Murphy Lewis
Murphy guides and helps uncover and explore what is blocking you from living into your full nature and loving all that you are. Enter into your personal records in the Akasha. As we set your intentions, we experience a lovingly safe environment surrounded by our Masters Teachers and Loved Ones as they guide us thoughtfully, soulfully to retrieve those parts of yourself that have separated you from being a more centered and aligned being, stepping into a more soulful and loving conscious life.

AKA Shakespeare: A Scientific Approach to the Authorship Question
Author: Peter Sturrock
Dialog (Book):
AKA Shakespeare, a dialog (book) and website combination, provides the scientific tools for resolving a four-hundred-year-old mystery — the true identity of the greatest writer in the English language.

Inner Way Online
Transformation and spiritually themed Post Cards, Greeting Cards, and Books.

Lightwaves Therapies
Experienced facilitator of Sekhem energy; holistic practitioner of Reflexology & Indian Head Massage; Instructor of Massage In Schools Program, passionate about helping those seeking to empower themselves to move forward with more ease, courage, confidence and inner harmony.

Sacred World Journeys
Join Jacqueline, your Catalyst for Renewal, on a celebrated Sacred World Journey and travel in style to unforgettable places. Meditate along Ley lines. Go shopping. Practice Power Breathing. Witness sunrise over incredible landscapes. Take private tours. Book a “Healing Wisdom” (TM) session with Jacqueline. Laze poolside. Smile. Relax. Enjoy the moment. See the sites. Experience the energy. Transform. Rejuvenate and Renew. Regenerate.

SoulCare with Avisha
Tend to your holistic wellness needs, including therapeutic yoga and counseling sessions, with support from a spiritual and wellness practitioner along the way!