We use our proprietary compilation of unique and exclusively designed techniques and tools to obtain accurate information and precise results; we facilitate the needs of the one, or of the many, through a vehicle allowing them to experience the difference. We accomplish this through our:


Private readings and energy sessions are provided by our exceptional consultants, who are well-trained in our proprietary techniques and ethics. Their results are accurate, precise, and refreshingly thorough. Private 1/1 Topics and Services include (but are not limited to):

Intuitive Readings: information on what tomorrow will bring.

Energy Balancing: using our own & unique modality for realigning the body’s life force so that maladies dissipate.

Business Consulting: using a special technique to help and provide information for business trends and direction.

Cross Over Readings: sessions geared to communicate with the departed.

Inter-Dimensional Sessions: a “journey” into one or more past lives using an intuitive technique particularly designed for this purpose.

Chakra Alignment & Repair: A protocol designed to make sure that the energy portals within the body are open and receptive.

Remote Viewing: utilizing the Creative Life Sciences’ direct and interactive connection technique.

Life Purpose Sessions: a session designed to help better understand the work you have come here to do.

Medical Intuition: perceiving the energy imbalance in the physical and emotional bodies.

For pricing and to schedule a private session, please e-mail us.


We are available for business and non-business related public talks on a constantly increasing number of pertinent, interactive, and life empowering topics. Upon request, the topic of a talk can be customized for a particular event. For information on the availability of Creative Life Sciences’ speakers, topics, and rates, please e-mail us. To see a schedule of our upcoming Public Talks & Events, please visit our Calendar.


We are dedicated to helping individuals awaken and advance on their life path. Our unique modality is an exceptionally dynamic compilation of Art (CREATIVE), Intuitive (LIFE), and Scientific/Medical (SCIENCES). Using exclusively designed tools and techniques, Creative Life Sciences teaches its students to understand and work with the electromagnetic field in our ethereal bodies.

In his heartfelt capacity as a teacher, Nand has developed Creative Life Sciences’ extensive, inspiring, and highly effective training program. This revolutionary training program awakens and accelerates each student’s innate talents, gifts, and aptitudes to their maximum potential – while instilling a simple yet profound values-centric philosophy: Do the Right Thing At All Times!

Starting with intent and integrity, Creative Life Sciences trains students to achieve rapid results. Students are mentored in a myriad of topics ranging from energy balancing, intuition, the balancing and repair of chakras and auras, and much more. Our Business Training uses our unique and dynamic tools in the context of honing sales skills, teaching business owners how to lead employees, and establishing good business relationships with customers.

The Training Program includes four separate core classes. Thereafter you can choose to take additional classes, which build on the three branches of the Energy Mastery Training. The three branches of Energy Mastery Training are: (1) Multi-Level Energy Mastery (For Individuals and Healing Arts Practitioners of any discipline); (2) Energy Training specific to Intuition; (3) Business Energy Training (Sales force, Management Team, etc.).

The four core classes are:

  • The Energy Scale©: an introduction to understanding the energy fields within us and around us.
  • Protection & Grounding: energetic protective and grounding protocols designed to work with The Energy Scale©.
  • Clairvoyance & Auras: an introduction and base understanding of clairvoyance and auras.
  • Basics of Energy Healing: an introduction to working with the life force energies within and around us.

To learn more about our revolutionary Energy Training or to sign up for the core classes, e-mail us.