Worrying does not take away tomorrow's troubles, it takes away today's peace!

We use our proprietary compilation of unique and exclusively designed techniques and tools to obtain accurate information and precise results; we facilitate the needs of the one, or of the many, through a vehicle allowing them to experience the difference.
We accomplish this through our – PRIVATE ONE-TO-ONE READINGS & SESSIONS

We are now offering a session that helps lower energy hurdles and energy obstacles with the focus of overcoming past-life restrictions, so that you can move successfully through this current life with the hope of accomplishing what you have come here to achieve.

If I’m Crazy, I Am In Good Company:
Using Our Intuitive Awareness

On the dusty, bumpy road of life, who is there when you need someone? When you’re alone … when you’re sick … when you want to create or when you want to celebrate, who is there to share your ups and downs?

We are dedicated to helping individuals awaken and advance on their life path. Our unique modality is an exceptionally dynamic compilation of Art (CREATIVE), Intuitive (LIFE), and Scientific/Medical (SCIENCES).

Relocation call

Relocation call: We were looking for a new place to call home. We traveled to various states hoping we would feel called to move there. We wanted a strong “YES!”. The places we chose did not speak. We needed a new perspective. Finally, we decided to call on Nand. I am so grateful we did. In the course of an hour, Nand gave us what he felt would be the best city and state for my family. I was surprised at how specific he was about the location as well as the ideal time to move.

In addition, he gave each of us his sense of our next steps. For example, he told my daughters their best course of action in terms of college and future careers. It has almost been a year since that call. In that time we have followed most, if not all of Nand’s suggestions and it has really paid off. In less than a year our current house is sold and we are on our way to our new destination.

We are all moving forward on our paths with greater purpose and a deeper understanding of who we are and what we want moving forward. Nand has a kind, simple, and direct approach. His insight and wisdom is spot on.


Empath classes

Empath classes: These classes were life changing for me. I have known I was empathic for a long time but was never really sure what to do with that knowledge. I read several books on the matter, listened to people along the way but nothing really resonated. Nand’s techniques are deceptively simple.

Within days of consistently practicing the protection exercises I noticed a profound change. The space around me felt clearer and more peaceful. I hadn’t realized how much I was picking up from the world around me until it was gone. It was such a relief and a joy to just feel me and not wonder if I was feeling my own stuff or someone else’s.

I continue to practice every day, multiple times a day. I feel more aware of myself and my surroundings. I feel more grounded and now. I am not easily swayed by the energies around me. And, if I am, I have the tools to deal with it. I am forever grateful.

Anna, PA

I just wanted to say thank you…

I just wanted to say thank you for holding the lantern of confidence through the sea off everyone’s fears and doubts about my body’s ability to heal.

It takes a very skilled practitioner to consistently stand in that place certainty and just want you to know that I see this.

JL, Oregon

Healing & On Going Repair

Update for the day post healing with Stephen – no pain. My energy is up. My mind is starting to clear significantly and I’m getting back to feeling like myself again. I decided to put off the official review a little longer as I see how many things get better. He only worked on my facial issue but I’m seeing drastic results everywhere. I am working on nutrition and using a device a friend of mine invented as well, but only began after Stephen’s session.


I am going to say all of this just to stress how drastic this has been and how quickly this healing worked. I have been to several different types of healers in the past and can assure you I had zero results and told them afterwards as politely as possible. I wouldn’t will this to work or lie about it. I would politely just tell Stephen it didn’t work and leave it between us just like I did the other wonderful healers who tried to help me in the past. Is it permanent? I hope so but only time will tell.


November 1 to January I have left my house less than half a dozen times. My pain level shot through the roof and my energy level declined to the point I was barely getting out of bed. I haven’t seen any of my children in months. I’ve only talked to them on the phone. They know I don’t feel well but have no idea how bad it got. I’m not good at asking for help for myself and hate the idea of being perceived as weak. An example of how far I take this is I have had paid people to take me to surgeries and bring me home to keep from involving my family. My children didn’t even know of most of the surgeries. My husband did but I didn’t want him to have to miss work and put him out so he hasn’t attended all of them. I have ridden the local transit bus to medical appointments to keep from asking my family or friends for help. I will go without eating or grab something like fruit or packaged food rather than ask someone to fix me something to eat. My pattern is to just go to bed with my pets and find things to distract from the pain until it passes. This time it just wasn’t passing but I haven’t been getting my medical procedures to block the pain and have been trying to eliminate all medication so it isn’t exactly shocking my pain is worse. It is shocking it got better with minimal medical assistance – I still have a few medications I take when needed but fully intend to heal and be off medications at some point.


Even with medical assistance of the ganglion nerve blocks and pain medications, I usually keep a pair of sunglasses on my head at all times because the wind/light can trigger my eyelid and facial pain. I rarely wear shoes with socks. I wear flip flop sandals because the nerve pain in my feet is too painful to wear them. My back has been too painful to even touch lightly for a few years. I’ve had so little energy that I’ve barely been out of bed and my mind has been so foggy that I can’t think straight or remember even simple things.

During my last doctor visit it was suggested that I get retested for MS. My central nervous system is shot and not getting better after years of medical help.


Nerve pain is hard to imagine if you haven’t felt it but it feels like an electric fence is shocking you or fire ants are biting you. In the bottom of the feet it feels like you are walking on a raw nerve. Anyone who has been to the dentist and had a filling – if they touched a nerve – that jolt. That is nerve pain. One jolt won’t kill you or effect you much but it isn’t one jolt. It is jolts that come in waves – like if someone pushed a button, let go, then pushed it again. It can go on for a few minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, or years. That kind of pain ongoing leads to headaches, moodiness, no energy, etc….. It just spirals out of control. I have other issues as well but the nerve pain is the most debilitating.


I don’t get this kind of relief from my facial pains with the Ganglion Nerve Blocks and medications I was getting last year. I spent the last year converting all I can to holistic, trying to eliminate all the medical things because they aren’t working. I wanted to try something else that would do more than treat symptoms and here we are – increased pain, decreased energy and struggling not to run back to the medical professionals who can’t assure me.


My nerve pain has only ever been relieved for about 2-3 months. This well twice and the doctors don’t know why it went into some kind of remission. Whatever they did or I did was an accident. It has always came back so that is my hesitation of getting my hopes up but I know how important belief is so am trying to stay positive and trust I am cured. I have seen visions of myself healthy again so I know I will be cured. I’m just scared to fully believe it and working on getting passed the fear of it not happening.


Assuming I am cured, I want to maintain the results and do my part to make sure it doesn’t come back while I have the energy and mind-set. I finished the detox. It didn’t go as well as planned but wasn’t a complete disaster. I can feel improvements for sure. I can say with certainty that vegan isn’t for me yet. I like to eat and need the food to taste good enough to eat. I admittedly can do much better with my diet but can’t go vegan. That is clear just with the detox. My body isn’t having it and I’m not willing to gag stuff down to the point I’m throwing up so it is what it is. I want to heal but I have my limitations for now. Maybe I’ll work up to it but its doubtful. If it hadn’t snowed today I would have went to a steak house and eaten a whole cow following that detox. I settled for grilled chicken with steamed vegetables. Husband Darren had pizza so the detox did work in clearing my cravings. Or throwing up so much did it. We’ll see.


I have to add that I have talked to Wendy on the telephone. I talked to Stephen on the telephone. I reached out and talked to a Facebook friend for several hours for the first time last night – after years of chatting online. I went to a town meeting and have gotten actively involved in local politics. I can count on one hand how many people I’ve talked to on the phone other than my family in the past few years. I don’t do it. Its very rare. I can count even less as to how many people I’ve let into my personal space and I am now involved in two local political groups – up close, face to face, in person.


I have accepted help from Kenneth, Stephen, Wendy, Dr. Harlow, several Facebook friends and my husband. None of them guilted me or left me feeling like I now owe them something. I had a conversation with my husband and explained to him what I need from him and he stepped up immediately and started helping me. I might talk to the kids too but since they are all grown and moved out, probably not as long as I heal. If I end up needing help from them I intend to ask for it from now on.


I’m actually a little tearful now because I’m seeing that I had this amazing support system around me all this time and I’ve chosen to isolate myself and try to handle the tough part of life alone. This is the kind of love I show to people in need all the time and now I’m one of the people needing it. I hated feeling like I was losing the independence I worked so hard to gain after my disability and I don’t feel like that anymore. In my life there has only been a few people I trust enough to ask for help or accept it and even that was limited to what I would let anyone do. I see now that it is my issue, not theirs. It screams victim, not strength. I suspect its the lesson I needed to learn and part of the reason for this health issue in the first place.


I am starting to love people as much as I love animals and am seeing how kind people can be. Its not an empathy love that I’ve always had in the past. Its a genuine, trusting love like what I have with animals. I never, in a million years, could have imagined feeling it toward people, even my family if I am to be honest. I’m similar to a feral cat that tries to trust but never fully gets the fight or flight response to go away. Their instinct is always to be ready to flee. I consider myself very fortunate to have people around me that have loved me despite my mistrust of humanity. I see how many have been offering help to me for a long time and wanting to show me the love I’ve shown to so many others. Its an amazing feeling and will be a huge part of why I heal.

Dr. Angela K.


Nand is consistently spot-on in his readings of situations, and his insights always valuable in how to handle them.

J.L., Minnesota

BINDI – BELOVED PET HEALED – PART 1 – Medical Intuitive & Pet Healing

To any who readily believe, might believe or cannot imagine believing:

I am writing to share an incredible and life changing experience I was privileged to be a part of – thanks to Les Martin … and the powers that be.

In early April 2018, my beloved pit bull, at the young age of 4, was diagnosed with lymphoma. It presented itself externally as skin tumors/lesions. It was devastating. The day after the diagnosis, she had surgery to move 4 large tumors on her shoulder and hip. 2 days after surgery, we started chemotherapy.

After the first month of chemo, her oncologist was very optimistic as there were no new lesions. However, that hopefulness quickly faded in May 2018 when numerous tumors appeared almost overnight. Long story short – chemotherapy for 6 months and each time more and more tumors would appear and were very inconsistent. Some would shrink, some would stay the same and some would almost go away completely, however, there would be 4 more coming up elsewhere. Additionally, she developed big tumors in her abdomen that presented like large knots under the skin. Basically, (in the oncologists words), this wasn’t working. After 6 months of chemo, I had to prepare myself to lose my dog.

With all hope being lost, a friend told me about Les and I reached out to see if he could help. He could, indeed.

I booked a session with Les to work on my dog on October 1, 2018. A few days prior to October 1, Les “checked-in” with my dog and got the information he needed. He let me know the same day that she was not meant to die from this cancer and that he could help. On October 1, we did the official session and he, again, assured me he could help my dog and informed me that there were many other reasons why this wonderful dog was in my life. And there are … but, that part is personal. ? Les did his thing and informed me that he would continue to “work on her” every day this week to help her rid herself of this horrible disease. He assured me she was going to be fine.

The first picture is Monday, October 1
The second picture is Wednesday, October 3
The third picture is Friday, October 5

Unbelievable … but true.

I discontinued chemotherapy that day and as of now (December 26, 2018) we are tumor free.


T.B., California

BINDI – BELOVED PET HEALED – PART 2 – Medical Intuitive & Pet Healing

One additional occurrence that I mustn’t neglect to share as it truly gives substance to this entire experience that I wish to share with whoever may be reading this. In mid-October, 2018, my dog developed lumps all over her face, head and neck within about 2 hours. It looked as if she was attacked and stung by a swarm of bees, which she was not. (See first pic below). I, frantically, reached out to Les, obviously, fearing the worst … the cancer had returned with a vengeance. He assured me in no uncertain terms that they were hives and not cancer. I gave her Benadryl but, 2 days later, the lumps had not changed. I kept Les apprised and he assured me, saying, “they are hives”. Now at day 3, lumps remained same so I took her to the emergency vet office to see if they could give her anything to help. They reviewed her condition and informed me that it was either hives or mast cell tumors. The vet told me that he felt it was the latter but gave her a Benadryl injection and told me that if they were not 75% gone in 24 hours that I should prepare myself and get her to her oncologist ASAP. I had been informing Les all along and he stood on his conviction and said, “they are hives”. I waited 24 hours and, not only were they not any better – they were a little more inflamed. I informed Les and he looked further and conveyed to me that he was getting that the Benadryl was aggravating the situation. So, I stopped the Benadryl. I decided to take her to my vet as well, to which Les agreed. Maybe there was something better they could use to treat these “hives”. My vet took a sample of 6 of the lumps and reported to me that they were “wall-to-wall lymphoma cells”. Clearly perplexed and horrified (as I do not fully understand all of this at this point), I let Les know what my vet said …. I’ll never forget what Les told me:

Of course there are lymphoma cells in the hives. She has lymphoma. The cancer is not manifesting because we are healing her. It will take months for her to get rid of the cancer cells. These are hives with cancer cells present. It is not cancer. These … are … hives.

I walked back into my vet office and asked him – could lymphoma cells appear in hives – meaning, is there a possibility that these are actually hives with cancer cells showing up simply because the dog has cancer. My vet confirmed that possibility. I asked him what he would prescribe for hives for a dog that was allergic to Benadryl. He said he would prescribe prednisone, which he did. I proceeded with giving her a high dose of prednisone and the HIVES were about 50% improved the next day and rapidly diminished over the next 3 days. Like Les said, they were hives …

I have always been the type of person that is open to this part of our incredible, mystical and mysterious universe but, I had never been lucky enough to, not only, witness it first-hand, but to have it so drastically change my life.

I can’t thank Les enough for his true love and devotion to the beings around him and, I am compelled to point out that – I am so grateful for his open mind and open heart that allowed him to accept this amazing gift he has so that any who cross his path may reap the benefits of his devotion.


T.B., California

PET HEALING & REPAIR – Medical Intuitive, Aura & Chakra Repair, & Energy Balancing

We never used healing services in the past, and it was our first time we contacted and asked for services from Les. We decided to contact him because one of our dogs was started to having back issues for a few days, and the other one has had a heart condition. We just wanted to do anything/everything to help our dogs feel better. Initially, we texted Les and he responded to our text promptly and answered all of our questions that we had before we decided to ask for his services. Les never tried to push us his services, and he even said he would not charge us until he tuned into the dogs and knew he could heal them. Les asked us to send a picture of our dogs, and he also asked about our dogs’ names, ages, and their health issues. Next day he called me and told me what was going on with our dogs.

We have noticed a tremendous improvement in our dog with back pain without Les telling us that he worked on him. Our dog was in such a pain three days prior that we had to take him to the emergency vet, and the vet told us that it would take about two weeks for him to start feeling better. It’s been only 4 days since our dog had the pain, and he is back to 100% today (just a day after receiving the services from Les). We are amazed to see not only a tremendous improvement on our dog but complete healing – the power of healing that Les provided for him. As far as the dog with heart condition goes, Les gave us some products that we should buy (we bought them from Amazon) to help him, and I hope that will help him and he won’t get sick again. It was such a great experience for us that I wish I knew Les sooner! Thank you, Les, for amazing services and gave us such a beautiful experience.

H.M., Nevada

DEPRESSION GONE AND PHYSICAL ISSUES REPAIRED – Medical Intuitive, Aura & Chakra Repair, & Energy Balancing

Four years ago, I began experiencing several issues both emotional and physical. I was having one chronic female related health issue after another. I had hit a bottom of depression and really had no hope I’d get better.

My mom had her friend Les Martin work on me without telling me and 2 days later she called me to see how I was. I told her finally something was different and I thought I was going to be ok. She explained that she had someone fix me and I wasn’t sure I believed her.

A week later my health issues returned and this time I contacted this “Les” person myself. Within an hour, my symptoms left and for the next couple months he worked on me whenever I felt an issue.

Each time my symptoms stayed away longer. Slowly but surely, I became better and I also started taking classes because I needed to know how someone could magically stop persistent health issues that no doctor could cure, as well as eliminate depression symptoms.

Les is not only a great healer but he has helped me out of a lot of dark places without the judgement most would feel when trusting someone to help you because you can’t help yourself. I’m So thankful my mom found him and so thankful for his dedication to healing people inside and out.

D.B., Nevada

DISCOVERED I AM AN EMPATH – Intuitive Reading, Energy Balancing & Life Purpose

My experience started with Nand when I was emotionally over loaded and had no idea why. I had never felt like this in my life and didn’t know where to turn. My niece told me to call and I am so happy I did. Come to find out at 58 years old I’m an empath. I never even heard of an empath before this and was feeling a friends emotions as my own. 3 months later I am being trained to use what I have to help and heal others. I now feel like I have a life purpose and I am the most calm have ever been in my life. Sounds crazy but Nand has changed my life. So if anyone is on the fence about his work I can tell you he is the real thing. And I’m sure you will not regret letting him help you.

L.M., Nevada

WOW! YAY! I HAVE MY OUTDOOR SUMMERS BACK AGAIN! – Medical Intuitive & Energy Balancing

I would get so HOT! For two yrs I had to stay inside in the summer. I went through menopause at early age and didn’t have much trouble with hot flashes. Now I am a active 67 year young and l love to be out side especially hiking. I had to stay inside last two years it was like my internal thermostat reset to high. This past May had a session with Nand who is having great results eliminating hot flashes. He said this is different let’s still give it a try. I am so grateful to say with one session with Nand I had a normal summer WOW Yay. I can play outside again!!! No words can express my gratitude

Nancy, California


I met Nand at a community healing event. He was one of the 3 healers there and he was amazing. I went there with pain and sensitiveness in the area of my surgery and he made it all go away in less than 15 minutes. It’s been 10 days since I saw him and I still have no pain and I am healing nicely. I am grateful to have met him and I wish I had before and I might have not needed surgery at all. He could intuitively tell me where I had blockages in my energy field and healed them all right away. I felt lighter and less stressed after our session. He is a wonderful intuitive healer with a generous heart.

H., California


I have been relying on consulting with Nand Harjani as my intuitive, counsel, and teacher since 2006. To adequately describe all the amazing work he has done would be impossible in a page. He does not only help guide you by seeing the future or being able to intuit what other people are thinking, feeling or are coming from — which he does excellently as I’ve been his regularly returning client for nine years — he is able to help you see your potential, and create and manifest your own future.

Y.P., California


I received healing sessions from Nand Harjani in 2014. This was regarding a surgery on October 31, 2014 to remove an ovarian cyst that had grown to be the size of a volleyball. In conjunction with the surgery, I received the healing to get the cyst to be small and malleable as possible for the surgery. I had less than 5 healing sessions with Nand in over 2-3 months while I was waiting for the surgery date, and most of the time he did this remotely — usually while I was sleeping, as large amounts of energy would be released when he worked on me. I could feel the nights Nand worked on me, as I would feel heat leaving my body as if I were having hot flashes (they were not hot flashes, as I am not yet going through menopause).

Initially the large cyst felt dense and solid. However once Nand started working on me, the cyst became noticeably smaller and much softer as if a solid mass inside the cyst was becoming liquid. Had I worked with Nand longer, I believe the cyst may have disappeared or become so small as to not have to have a surgery. However, because of the size of the cyst, that would have taken a long time, and I wanted the cyst to be removed immediately after having carried it for over two years. By the time I had surgery after working with Nand, the cyst felt very soft, as if it was full of liquid; not hard and dense as it did before Nand worked on me. When I had the surgery, the surgeon drained 3 liters of water from my cyst through a small incision, because the entire cyst was filled with water, then the doctor simply took out the emptied out cyst.

I believe the cyst became liquefied through Nand’s work. Had it been a dense, solid mass as it felt before I started working with Nand, the surgery would have been much more difficult; I might have had to have a huge incision to remove a dense mass the size of a volleyball, or the surgeon might have had to chop up the cyst inside of me before taking it out (which could have caused various problems).

My purpose of the healing sessions with Nand for my surgery was to make the surgery and recovery easier, better, and to help my surgery process to go easier on me. Working with Nand accomplished that. I also worked with Nand on healing energy levels after my surgery for two sessions, to make sure I do not have long-term problems after recovery. My recovery and surgery went without any problem. People around me commented on how amazingly I recovered after the surgery, as how I do not seem like someone who had a major surgery.

Nand also correctly intuited that my cyst was not a cancer. Initially my doctors were concerned it may be cancer. However, while working with Nand, the test my doctors did on me to determine whether the cyst was cancer, was lowered significantly. At the time of my surgery the oncologist present determined my cyst was not cancer. My doctors were surprised when this test they conducted to determine whether it was cancer went down significantly during the 2-3 months I worked with Nand, which seemed unusual or unlikely within that short amount of time. I attribute these unusual and positive developments to Nand’s healing work with me.

Y.P., California

TRULY GRATEFUL FOR QUICK AND LONG-LASTING RESULTS – Medical Intuitive, Chakra Repair & Energy Balancing

Recently I had an UTI which is very uncomfortable, as most women know. I do not like to take antibiotics as I do not feel they really help in removing the infection from the body, but only suppress it. I asked Nand if he could help me and he said yes. Within 2 hours of his healing, all the symptoms of the UTI disappeared! And have not come back!

Truly grateful for Nand’s healing.

R., Mumbai, India


Nearly four years ago while I was looking for work, you told me I would be offered a job soon and sure enough I was offered a job shortly afterwards. You gave me a talisman that I still wear to this day, thank you!

Last year, when we got together, I mentioned that I was planning on moving back to AZ in Sept when my lease was up and you paused, took a second and responded that it would be better in Spring 2015. As you predicted once again, job prospects were slow if not non-existent so I renewed my lease for another 6 months. In February, I was called in for my first round of interviews, made it through the second interview and was offered a job on the spot! Your predictions and advice have ALWAYS been accurate and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all your help, Nand, your insights are accurate and very positive. You bring light everywhere you go and you always bring joy and kindness to everyone you meet.

K.S., Arizona


July 3, 2014 I had my first ever session with Creative Life Sciences. The person who provided this service was Nand Harjani. I have never had a session before with anyone or any organization prior to this experience.

I was very curious going into the session to ascertain whether Nand would be able to provide insight and guidance into my particular situation. Nand did not disappoint! Throughout my hour long session Nand repeatedly touched upon specific persons and situations affecting my life. What I heard confirmed what I already knew and additionally provided insight into ongoing circumstances as well as things to come.

I am very pleased with my experience and look forward to my next session. Folks, Nand is for real!

James W., California

PROFOUND READING – Intuitive Reading

Nand was profound! It amazes me how “tapped in” he was and how he could know things about a person that there is no other way of knowing. Nand fit so much into an hour – he gets information so quickly. Amazing! We’ll see how it all plays out in the next few months. He definitely gave me some structure to hold onto and most importantly – HOPE.

Dana S., California

LIFE PURPOSE DEFINED & HEALING – Life Purpose & Energy Balancing

When I was introduced to Nand at a conference, he shook my hand and said, “Hello, you’re a healer, why aren’t you doing something with that?” During phone and Skype sessions following our initial meeting, he instantly removed carpal tunnel pain, back pain, and other discomforts I was experiencing. And when I was battling a bout with diverticulitis that should have landed me in the hospital (again), he healed me! I had to learn how to do that! I am now taking his energy training classes, and instead of poor health and uncertainty, my life is an interesting journey, one filled with the realization of my life purpose.

Lisa L-M., New Jersey

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New Session: Cosmic Shield

We are now offering a Cosmic Shield session that focuses on releasing/deflecting hurdles, interferences, past-life energy restrictions, and other obstacles, which allows one to move more successfully towards their current life’s purpose. If you feel you are being energetically intruded upon, then this session will be beneficial.

To schedule a Cosmic Shield session contact us by Email, or call us at 800-813-5888.

NOTE: Most Clients choose to have one of these sessions monthly to release/deflect any new interferences, etc., based on their past successes with it. You can stop the service at will. (This session is affordably priced.)

Latest News & Updates

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