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We are dedicated to helping individuals awaken and advance on their life path. Our unique modality is an exceptionally dynamic compilation of Art (CREATIVE), Intuitive (LIFE), and Scientific/Medical (SCIENCES). Using exclusively designed tools and techniques, Creative Life Sciences teaches its students to understand and work with the electromagnetic field in our ethereal bodies.

In his heartfelt capacity as a teacher, Nand has developed Creative Life Sciences’ extensive, inspiring, and highly effective training program. This revolutionary training program awakens and accelerates each student’s innate talents, gifts, and aptitudes to their maximum potential – while instilling a simple yet profound values-centric philosophy: Do the Right Thing At All Times!

Starting with intent and integrity, Creative Life Sciences trains students to achieve rapid results. Students are mentored in a myriad of topics ranging from energy balancing, intuition, the balancing and repair of chakras and auras, and much more. Our Business Training uses our unique and dynamic tools in the context of honing sales skills, teaching business owners how to lead employees, and establishing good business relationships with customers.

Creative Life Sciences Training program comprise of three different levels: the first of the three is the Introductory Series of Classes; the second includes the Core 1 and Core 2 classes; and the third level encompasses the Three Branches of Energy Mastery Training.

Introductory Series of Classes (ISC)

This Introductory Class by Creative Life Sciences is designed for those who want to step into the world of metaphysics in a structured and consistent manner, and begin to understand some of the metaphysical tools. The class provides the attendee with some basic yet practical tools for immediate use. The Introductory Series of training is comprised of 4 separate classes. These classes require no pre-qualification and one can take one or more of them.

The following is presented and taught in the Creative Life Sciences IntroductorySeries of Classes (ISC):

ISC One: Covered in this first class are basic Ethereal Grounding, Ethereal Protection, A Metaphysical Energy Enhancement Experience, A Step into Clairvoyance, and Learning How to See Auras.

ISC Two: In this class, we explore Enhanced Ethereal Protection, An Enhanced Metaphysical Energy Enhancement Experience, An Excursion into Clairvoyance, and Understanding Auras.

ISC Three: This class continues to work on an Enhanced Metaphysical Energy Experience with in class exercises that are practical and can be used outside of the class right away. More ways to understand the Aura are explored.

ISC Four: This class Continues the Enhanced Metaphysical Experience and begins to hone in on Clairvoyance. Grounding and protection protocols are reinforced.

Core Series Classes (CSC)

Core classes are designed for the person interested in starting their own practice, and utilizing CLS’s protocols to enrich others’ journeys, as well as their own. These classes require pre-qualification and must be taken in order, Core 1 and Core 2, including all classes listed as shown below.

Core 1: Psychic (Psi) Development and Energy Healing – Part 1

  • Class 1: Introduction to the Energy ScaleTM; Grounding, Protection, & Basics of the Aura designed to work with the Energy ScaleTM
  • Class 2: The basic concept of Energy Healing.
  • Class 3: Enhanced understanding of the Energy ScaleTM
  • Class 4: A step into Clairvoyance; Advanced Grounding & Protection; Additional Aura Colors.

Core 2: Psychic (Psi) Development and Energy Healing – Part 2

  • Class 1: The Energy Scale in detail
  • Class 2: The Basics of Energy Medicine. Introduction of AHP & FHP healing Protocols.
  • Class 3: Additional Aura colors; Additional Protective devises. Enhanced Clairvoyance.
  • Class 4: Putting it all together; Ethics

Advanced Module Classes (AMC)

After completion of the Core 1 and Core 2 classes, further training is available in our Advanced Module Classes. There are three modules with multiple classes each: Multi-Level Energy Mastery; Energy Intuition Mastery; and Business Energy Training.

Prerequisite: Completion of Core 1 and Core 2

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