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The Awakening Princess

An inspiring true story about planetary awakening spanning over 3000 years Time-travel, angels, fairies, ETs, spiritual masters and the mysteries of ancient Egypt combine in this inter-dimensional journey through time.

Exploring life after death and the inner dimensions of the psyche, this book encourages us to deepen our relationship with nature and our beloved planet whose destiny we share.

Described by its readers as enchanting, magical, and full of love, joy and humour, The Awakening Princess celebrates both the visible and invisible world we inhabit.

Readers’ comments about The Awakening Princess

"My heart jumps with joy! Just beautiful…So full of humour…"

"Better than The Celestine Prophecy – it contains many more insights."

"What a joy it is! I just got swept up in the wondrous beauty of the writing, the story, and ended with a revelation, feeling blessed and enchanted by it all."

"Both powerful and delicate, this book will change the way you look at yourself and the world."

"… a delight to read as well as a learning experience. In it I found new hope for the planet as I shared the author’s amazing spiritual adventure. Her illustrations are marvelous."

"Exciting and inspiring…This book is so important, it should be translated into different languages. Thank you for having the courage to write this book.


If I’m Crazy, I Am In Good Company: Using Our Intuitive Awareness

If I’m Crazy, I Am In Good Company: Using Our Intuitive Awareness is about ordinary people who use the intuitive gifts we are given at birth, in extraordinary ways. Within each of us is the ability to connect with our soul conscious, the part of us that contains a filing cabinet of information that can answer what makes us unique, where we have been and where we are going.

  • Have you ever ignored a knowingness, a gut instinct of what is about to happen and regretted not listening?
  • Have you ever had a dream that foretold an important event?
  • Have you ever-experienced déjà vu?
  • Have you ever walked into a room and instantly known if the occupants were angry or happy?
  • Have you ever felt the emotional or physical pain of another person?
  • Have you ever touched an object and had a sense about the owner?
  • Have you ever had a vision that showed a person’s past or future?
  • Have you ever listened to the ‘voice within’ and have what you heard happen?
  • Have you ever thought about calling a person and then run into them at a store or had them call?
  • Have you ever wondered if you were psychic?
  • You are not crazy, you are in good company.

Based on Rhonda Plummer’s experiences as an intuitive and teacher of intuitive awareness, and the experiences of individuals from around the globe who shared their life stories, If I’m Crazy, I Am in Good Company, offers insightful stories that explore how our intuitive senses teach and guide each of us every day.


Inspirations From The Universe

Within the well-acclaimed inspirational poetry in Inspirations From The Universe (Outskirts Press, 2013), poet and spiritual traveler Nick Olsen offers a journey of poetic meditations to be reflected on so readers may embrace active steps toward a greater appreciation of their own spirituality.

Olsen has crafted a series of meditative reflections from his own spiritual journey, which he bequeaths to his readers as poetic stepping-stones, and meditative touchstones, by which readers can both measure and hasten the progress of their own spiritual journeys. A journaling-style page accompanies each of his thought provoking poems, on which readers can immediately jot down their own responses and personal realizations from Nick’s inspirational messages.

Beginning just after his father died, Olsen started his own spiritual quest twelve years ago, in order to answer for himself questions he had about his own life. Through meditation he found he could bring himself to a level of peace, harmony and calmness from which the answers he sought easily came. Three years ago the “Universe,” or metaphysical, Nick, and the “Physical” Nick intersected into this present form of expression.

Inspirations From The Universe is an exceptional tool for readers to use to assess the key points in their own spiritual journey as they reflect on the insights and wisdom Olsen shares with them from his own path.


Being Here When I Need Me

On the dusty, bumpy road of life, who is there when you need someone? When you’re alone … when you’re sick … when you want to create or when you want to celebrate, who is there to share your ups and downs?

Being Here When I Need Me is a journey into the heartland of yourself, where you will meet your inner healer, creative genie and beloved Self, who is always here to love, understand and support you. With its unique combination of mysticism and science, this book will help bring you home to the Self.

As you rest in the meadow by the brook, make your way through the forest, and climb the mountain of your mind, you will discover what is profoundly meaningful and holy. Learning to be here for yourself, you will no longer be dependent on material things or on other people. You will have the inner strength to be with others without losing your sacred centre. You will never need to walk alone again.


"Being Here When I Need Me provides a natural way to open to your higher Self. It is down-to-earth, comprehensive, clarifying, and powerful. Vivian King’s approach to Psychosynthesis is both inspirational and scholarly. I highly recommend this book to those committed to personal and spiritual growth and to all humanity."

Edith Stauffer, Ph.D.
Founder / Director of Psychosynthesis International
Author of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness



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