K.S. – Arizona

Nearly four years ago while I was looking for work, you told me I would be offered a job soon and sure enough I was offered a job shortly afterwards. You gave me a talisman that I still wear to this day, thank you!

Last year, when we got together, I mentioned that I was planning on moving back to AZ in Sept when my lease was up and you paused, took a second and responded that it would be better in Spring 2015. As you predicted once again, job prospects were slow if not non-existent so I renewed my lease for another 6 months. In February, I was called in for my first round of interviews, made it through the second interview and was offered a job on the spot! Your predictions and advice have ALWAYS been accurate and greatly appreciated.

Thank you for all your help, Nand, your insights are accurate and very positive. You bring light everywhere you go and you always bring joy and kindness to everyone you meet.