BINDI – BELOVED PET HEALED – PART 2 – Medical Intuitive & Pet Healing

T.B. – California

One additional occurrence that I mustn’t neglect to share as it truly gives substance to this entire experience that I wish to share with whoever may be reading this. In mid-October, 2018, my dog developed lumps all over her face, head and neck within about 2 hours. It looked as if she was attacked and stung by a swarm of bees, which she was not. (See first pic below). I, frantically, reached out to Les, obviously, fearing the worst … the cancer had returned with a vengeance. He assured me in no uncertain terms that they were hives and not cancer. I gave her Benadryl but, 2 days later, the lumps had not changed. I kept Les apprised and he assured me, saying, “they are hives”. Now at day 3, lumps remained same so I took her to the emergency vet office to see if they could give her anything to help. They reviewed her condition and informed me that it was either hives or mast cell tumors. The vet told me that he felt it was the latter but gave her a Benadryl injection and told me that if they were not 75% gone in 24 hours that I should prepare myself and get her to her oncologist ASAP. I had been informing Les all along and he stood on his conviction and said, “they are hives”. I waited 24 hours and, not only were they not any better – they were a little more inflamed. I informed Les and he looked further and conveyed to me that he was getting that the Benadryl was aggravating the situation. So, I stopped the Benadryl. I decided to take her to my vet as well, to which Les agreed. Maybe there was something better they could use to treat these “hives”. My vet took a sample of 6 of the lumps and reported to me that they were “wall-to-wall lymphoma cells”. Clearly perplexed and horrified (as I do not fully understand all of this at this point), I let Les know what my vet said …. I’ll never forget what Les told me:

Of course there are lymphoma cells in the hives. She has lymphoma. The cancer is not manifesting because we are healing her. It will take months for her to get rid of the cancer cells. These are hives with cancer cells present. It is not cancer. These … are … hives.

I walked back into my vet office and asked him – could lymphoma cells appear in hives – meaning, is there a possibility that these are actually hives with cancer cells showing up simply because the dog has cancer. My vet confirmed that possibility. I asked him what he would prescribe for hives for a dog that was allergic to Benadryl. He said he would prescribe prednisone, which he did. I proceeded with giving her a high dose of prednisone and the HIVES were about 50% improved the next day and rapidly diminished over the next 3 days. Like Les said, they were hives …

I have always been the type of person that is open to this part of our incredible, mystical and mysterious universe but, I had never been lucky enough to, not only, witness it first-hand, but to have it so drastically change my life.

I can’t thank Les enough for his true love and devotion to the beings around him and, I am compelled to point out that – I am so grateful for his open mind and open heart that allowed him to accept this amazing gift he has so that any who cross his path may reap the benefits of his devotion.