DEPRESSION GONE AND PHYSICAL ISSUES REPAIRED – Medical Intuitive, Aura & Chakra Repair, & Energy Balancing

D.B. – Nevada

Four years ago, I began experiencing several issues both emotional and physical. I was having one chronic female related health issue after another. I had hit a bottom of depression and really had no hope I’d get better.

My mom had her friend Les Martin work on me without telling me and 2 days later she called me to see how I was. I told her finally something was different and I thought I was going to be ok. She explained that she had someone fix me and I wasn’t sure I believed her.

A week later my health issues returned and this time I contacted this “Les” person myself. Within an hour, my symptoms left and for the next couple months he worked on me whenever I felt an issue.

Each time my symptoms stayed away longer. Slowly but surely, I became better and I also started taking classes because I needed to know how someone could magically stop persistent health issues that no doctor could cure, as well as eliminate depression symptoms.

Les is not only a great healer but he has helped me out of a lot of dark places without the judgement most would feel when trusting someone to help you because you can’t help yourself. I’m So thankful my mom found him and so thankful for his dedication to healing people inside and out.