DISCOVERED I AM AN EMPATH – Intuitive Reading, Energy Balancing & Life Purpose Reading

L.M. – Nevada

My experience started with Nand when I was emotionally over loaded and had no idea why. I had never felt like this in my life and didn’t know where to turn. My niece told me to call and I am so happy I did. Come to find out at 58 years old I’m an empath. I never even heard of an empath before this and was feeling a friends emotions as my own. 3 months later I am being trained to use what I have to help and heal others. I now feel like I have a life purpose and I am the most calm have ever been in my life. Sounds crazy but Nand has changed my life. So if anyone is on the fence about his work I can tell you he is the real thing. And I’m sure you will not regret letting him help you.