HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS PROTOCOL TO ANYONE MAKING HEALTH AND WELLBEING DECISIONS – CLS Monthly: Intuitive Readings, Medical Intuitive, Grounding, Balancing, & Protections

S. – Canada

I wish to express my gratitude to Nand for taking on my son and I during this crazy global Covid Pandemic. He is helping us make informed decisions and staying as healthy and protected as possible. It is only with Nand protective intutive healing and shield that we felt confident in navigating this ongoing situation. As soon as Nand initiated us on the monthly program we felt an increase in energy, clearer mental facilties and an new inner sense of wellbeing and protection. The decrease in anxiety, fear and indeciveness is such a relief. I highly recommend this protocol to anyone who is consciously making health and wellbeing decisions, expecially in todays over abundance of conflicting information. S 🙂 from Canada. Namaste.