I HAVE REACHED A PLACE OF RESTORED HEALTH THAT I DIDN’T DREAM WAS POSSIBLE – Life Purpose Readings, Medical Intuitive, & Intuitive Readings

D.P. – Los Angeles

In less than 6 months Nand has become part of a circle of advisors I look to help me navigate my business, my relationships and my life. I came to Nand after 4 years of growing symptions around Lyme and related coinfections. I had tried multiple treatments and many different modalities and I was tired, fatigued and in constant pain. In less than 6 months through what I call, “Nand’s magic” I have reached a place of restored health that I didn’t dream was possible. I feel years younger, symptoms lighter, and dare I say Lyme free – all things he assured me I would feel. His insights and approach have helped me learn ways I can heal myself and my family. I can’t say enough about how much he has helped me and the gifts and wisdom he shares with his clients. I was a open but skeptical when we first talked but the leap of faith was worth every penny.