Y.P. – California

I received healing sessions from Nand Harjani in 2014. This was regarding a surgery on October 31, 2014 to remove an ovarian cyst that had grown to be the size of a volleyball. In conjunction with the surgery, I received the healing to get the cyst to be small and malleable as possible for the surgery. I had less than 5 healing sessions with Nand in over 2-3 months while I was waiting for the surgery date, and most of the time he did this remotely — usually while I was sleeping, as large amounts of energy would be released when he worked on me. I could feel the nights Nand worked on me, as I would feel heat leaving my body as if I were having hot flashes (they were not hot flashes, as I am not yet going through menopause).

Initially the large cyst felt dense and solid. However once Nand started working on me, the cyst became noticeably smaller and much softer as if a solid mass inside the cyst was becoming liquid. Had I worked with Nand longer, I believe the cyst may have disappeared or become so small as to not have to have a surgery. However, because of the size of the cyst, that would have taken a long time, and I wanted the cyst to be removed immediately after having carried it for over two years. By the time I had surgery after working with Nand, the cyst felt very soft, as if it was full of liquid; not hard and dense as it did before Nand worked on me. When I had the surgery, the surgeon drained 3 liters of water from my cyst through a small incision, because the entire cyst was filled with water, then the doctor simply took out the emptied out cyst.

I believe the cyst became liquefied through Nand’s work. Had it been a dense, solid mass as it felt before I started working with Nand, the surgery would have been much more difficult; I might have had to have a huge incision to remove a dense mass the size of a volleyball, or the surgeon might have had to chop up the cyst inside of me before taking it out (which could have caused various problems).

My purpose of the healing sessions with Nand for my surgery was to make the surgery and recovery easier, better, and to help my surgery process to go easier on me. Working with Nand accomplished that. I also worked with Nand on healing energy levels after my surgery for two sessions, to make sure I do not have long-term problems after recovery. My recovery and surgery went without any problem. People around me commented on how amazingly I recovered after the surgery, as how I do not seem like someone who had a major surgery.

Nand also correctly intuited that my cyst was not a cancer. Initially my doctors were concerned it may be cancer. However, while working with Nand, the test my doctors did on me to determine whether the cyst was cancer, was lowered significantly. At the time of my surgery the oncologist present determined my cyst was not cancer. My doctors were surprised when this test they conducted to determine whether it was cancer went down significantly during the 2-3 months I worked with Nand, which seemed unusual or unlikely within that short amount of time. I attribute these unusual and positive developments to Nand’s healing work with me.