PET HEALING & REPAIR – Medical Intuitive, Aura & Chakra Repair, & Energy Balancing

H.M. – Nevada

We never used healing services in the past, and it was our first time we contacted and asked for services from Les. We decided to contact him because one of our dogs was started to having back issues for a few days, and the other one has had a heart condition. We just wanted to do anything/everything to help our dogs feel better. Initially, we texted Les and he responded to our text promptly and answered all of our questions that we had before we decided to ask for his services. Les never tried to push us his services, and he even said he would not charge us until he tuned into the dogs and knew he could heal them. Les asked us to send a picture of our dogs, and he also asked about our dogs’ names, ages, and their health issues. Next day he called me and told me what was going on with our dogs.

We have noticed a tremendous improvement in our dog with back pain without Les telling us that he worked on him. Our dog was in such a pain three days prior that we had to take him to the emergency vet, and the vet told us that it would take about two weeks for him to start feeling better. It’s been only 4 days since our dog had the pain, and he is back to 100% today (just a day after receiving the services from Les). We are amazed to see not only a tremendous improvement on our dog but complete healing – the power of healing that Les provided for him. As far as the dog with heart condition goes, Les gave us some products that we should buy (we bought them from Amazon) to help him, and I hope that will help him and he won’t get sick again. It was such a great experience for us that I wish I knew Les sooner! Thank you, Les, for amazing services and gave us such a beautiful experience.