Relocation call


Relocation call: We were looking for a new place to call home. We traveled to various states hoping we would feel called to move there. We wanted a strong “YES!”. The places we chose did not speak. We needed a new perspective. Finally, we decided to call on Nand. I am so grateful we did. In the course of an hour, Nand gave us what he felt would be the best city and state for my family. I was surprised at how specific he was about the location as well as the ideal time to move.

In addition, he gave each of us his sense of our next steps. For example, he told my daughters their best course of action in terms of college and future careers. It has almost been a year since that call. In that time we have followed most, if not all of Nand’s suggestions and it has really paid off. In less than a year our current house is sold and we are on our way to our new destination.

We are all moving forward on our paths with greater purpose and a deeper understanding of who we are and what we want moving forward. Nand has a kind, simple, and direct approach. His insight and wisdom is spot on.