THE CASE OF DAVID AND DANIEL – Intensive Grounding and Balancing, Past Life Review, plus Medical Intuitive

V.K. – Florida

These boys (David and Daniel) were given a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is said that the conditions have overlapping manifestations. Since they were born I realized that they were different in that they are carrying some old souls that I recognize. However, when they were vaccinated they developed high fevers. The boys began to demonstrate what the current school system classified them as having disabilities. The manifestations included not sitting still for long, not following instructions readily or sometimes behaving like the class clown. Mind you they are both super smart boys, but the Public school system would have none of those behaviors in their classroom. In addition, Daniel just stopped verbalizing and socially interacted as if he were about age three. So we had to get Speech and Occupational therapy for him. David was referred to occupational therapy for his behavior issues.

I must confess that COVID-19 was a blessing in disguise for them. It gave me the opportunity to work with them at home to see who they are from a Spiritual perspective. These boys thrived physically, socially, as well as intellectually through eLearning. David, after a few weeks, said he did not want to go back to the brick and mortar school.

They were always functioning below grade level because their teachers used their behavior differences as an excuse for not teaching them. I reached out to Dr. Stephen Foster for support realizing that as an energy practitioner I could diagnose their difficulty but did not have the skills to resolve them. He began doing energy grounding work on David as well as advising on available heavy metal detox resources for high levels of Mercury found in their system.

It began with an evaluation of what I perceive as a Spiritual Background Check. Before studying with IMHS I began a course at College of Metaphysical Studies to become a Past Life Regression Practitioner. It was taking too long to become certified, so I quit. From my own intuitive work prior to becoming a Kvantum Energy Healing Facilitator, I realized that the boys came with a rich ancestral past and lots of cellular memory energy.

Dr. Foster, in his prudence, was able to identify these energy force activities without me saying anything. So, in his evaluation, he confirmed what I already knew in making of a provisional diagnosis as a premise to begin energy grounding work as the most applicable esoteric energy INTERVENTION. The younger boy needs some nutritional balancing while both boys have high levels of Mercury in their systems. This must be removed through a supervised physical detox process. This detox work started in early June 2021. To be precise it was around the 5th. During the first week I began to see remarkable differences in their behavior as I was their Learning Coach as well as their Home Educator. David used to do anything to escape sitting down to complete his academic assignments. In the brick and mortar school (physical classroom setting) this was a serious issue for their teachers to teach him.

I have seen great improvement in their behavior since the grounding treatment by Dr. Foster. Their attitude to education is more a desire to learn than one previously being not motivated. David, who was hyperactive all the time, can now sit continuously for 30-minutes and more to complete a writing task in Language Arts or Mathematics. His retention in Science is now superb whereas prior he was failing being below grade level. David did not sleep at nights but during the day. Now he sleeps during the night mostly and works as one would normally do during the daytime. Both boys had the tendency to elope but that is not happening now.

Daniel demonstrated poor social skills interacting with peers in an awkward matter not verbalizing and touching others excessively as wanting hugs. This has been now normalized as he plays with his peers in a sociably acceptable way engaging in coherent conversations. I watched him play with the peers in our community on a trampoline. He did not try pushing them off as he did before the treatment.

Before the energy grounding work, it seemed difficult for the boys to catch up academically to their grade level. In the manner in which they are now working it is obvious that they have climbed to their grade level. I discerned the difference from their responses to questions in both Language Arts and Mathematics. Daniel has been getting “A”s in Math when before he was failing prior to the energy grounding work.

Dr. Foster’s energy grounding work on both David and Daniel I would consider as par excellence. The progress I have seen over a month since the start of the Intervention is remarkable. I would recommend his work for ADHD and Autism cases in children.

Ms. Valdine Kendall, Ph.D.