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We are now offering a session which helps lower energy hurdles and energy obstacles with the focus of overcoming past-life restrictions in order that one can move successfully through this current life with the hope of achieving what you have come here to achieve. This session is priced so that all can benefit from this service. If you feel you are being energetically intruded up then this is the session for you. Costing only $300 a month, this session can help deflect and/or minimize unwanted interferences. Most Client have opted to utilize this service monthly as it produces results. You can stop the service at will.


We use our proprietary compilation of unique and exclusively designed techniques and tools to obtain accurate information and precise results; we facilitate the needs of the one, or of the many, through a vehicle allowing them to experience the difference. We accomplish this through our:


Private readings and energy sessions are provided by our exceptional consultants, who are well-trained in our proprietary techniques and ethics. Their results are accurate, precise, and refreshingly thorough. Private 1/1 Topics and Services include (but are not limited to):

Intuitive Readings: Our most requested session by far, the Intuitive Reading helps guide our clients through the hurdles, quagmires, perplexing choices and decisions they encounter while taking that “next step” in life. Each session seeks to provide those seeking quality information with as accurate and specific answers about events that are upon the individual as well as near term and mid-term. Each Consultant is highly trained to present very specific with depth. The clarity of this information presented in a simple easy to understand fashion. Please review our testimonial on what some of the clients who have experienced this session are saying.

Energy Balancing (also known as Energy Healing): Using the foundations of our Energy Healing protocol, our other most frequently requested session assesses the Electromagnetic field of an individual. Those results are coordinated exclusively with our more specific healing protocols to provide quick and impressive results. This session conducted by our highly trained Consultants offers the recipient a very effective and tried process of repair and restoration of the various portals in and around our bodied and the flow of Universal Energies along their designated paths. The results observed by the recipients are immediate, to the specific location of need and long term. To learn more, please read testimonials.

Pain Intervention and Release: This energy healing session intercedes to release pain from the body of the client. At present, we offer separate sessions for short-term pain release and the other, and more intense one, for longer-term pain release. These are both designed to be effective either face-to-face or remotely. These sessions aim to minimize pain from both the physical and emotional bodies. Our belief is that when pain is consistent, there is a blockage in the portals within the body. Thus, the purpose is to unblock all portals within the body with the idea of allowing a free flow of Cosmic Energies allowing for a minimization of pain.

Business Intuitive Consulting: Like our Intuitive Readings (see above), this session is directed specifically to business needs. Encompassing small, medium, and large businesses, it includes employees, goods and services, as well as direction of the business. Designed to assist all levels hurdles facing business of all sizes, this session serves to help provide answers to those questions which every business faces. This session can help in selecting which person to hire, what project to work on and can strategic guidance for near and mid-term goals.

Cross Over Readings: Because it “connects” one to someone who has passed on to an afterlife, this is a very fulfilling session. It provides confirmation of the person, or people, that an individual has been hoping to reach, and can help provide comfort from them, and bring about closure to that chapter of their life. We have found that those clients who have selected this type of a session can be provided with a means to keep in contact with that Soul who has moved on. An enlightening experience that can provide much information, closure, and support with those on the other side.

Inter-Dimensional Sessions: A “journey” into one or more past lives using an intuitive technique particularly designed for this purpose. Differing from hypnosis, this session does not regress an individual into a past lifetime, but rather escorts them through one or more of their prior life/lives. We recommend this session when there is a real need to figure out when an event commenced whose outcome is a cause or an impact preventing one from moving forward in the current life. Along the way you get to learn who you were, the times you have come to this plane, and what challenges you have brought with you into this life.

Chakra Alignment & Repair: A protocol designed to make sure that the eight main energy portals within the body are open and receptive to allowing the flow of Universal Energies.

Remote Viewing: Utilizing the Creative Life Sciences’ direct and interactive real-time connection technique. This technique is designed to get immediate and current results.

Life Purpose Sessions: A session designed to help provide a better understanding of the work an individual has come here to do in this lifetime, including specifics provided about the path and type of that work.

Medical Intuition: This session analyzes the physiological body, as well as the emotional body, to understand what ailments are present in those two bodies. Basically, reveals what is medically out of balance with the individual from an energy work viewpoint.

Pollution Relief Sessions: This session enhances the body’s natural protective devices by supercharging the body energetically to enhance against the impact of environmental concerns, such as pollution or other environmental irritants.

Energetic Vastu Consulting (Fung Shui): A session designed to move the flow of energy using an Energetic approach to the concepts of Fung Shui so that it supports a client in their own environment. Sessions can be done for their home, their office, or other location (any closed environment used by that client).

Annual Birthday Intuitive Session: A session typically scheduled around one’s birthday that provides the upcoming year’s high points and hurdles so a client is better prepared to move through those events and/or overcome related challenges. These sessions make fantastic birthday gifts.

Shielding Session: In this session, the client is “draped” in a protective shield (specific to our protocol), which then creates an energy barrier to minimize, or stop, “harm” or “disruption” from getting to them. The effects of this session last up to one month.

Travelling Shield: This session is like the Shielding Session in that it provides specific Energy Barrier(s) against those matters that may impact an individual while they travel (Air, ship, train, and auto, etc.), in addition to what is described in the Shielding Session. The effects of this session last up to one month.

Anti-Mercury Retrograde Session: This session is designed to minimize the impact to the client from outside factors such as astrological (planetary) influences. Like the Shielding Session, but is focused on larger-scale external influences. The effects of this session last up to one month.

Aura Reading: This session is based solely on defining and describing the eight different layers of the client’s Auras in a practical way. It also will provide them with what and where their hurdles and life challenges are as indicated within the Auras.

Aura Repair: This specific Energy Balancing (Healing) session focuses on the repair of the various layers of the client’s Aura. This is also effective for pets, as well as for people.

Mini-Shielding and Flash Aura Repair: In this session, the client is “draped” in a quick, short-term protective shield (specific to our protocol), which then creates an energy barrier to minimize, or stop, “harm” or “disruption” from getting to them. In addition, this session includes a brief Energy Balancing (Healing) that focuses on the repair of the initial layer of the client’s Aura. The effects of this session last up to ten days.


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