Energy Balancing: Cancer – Overcoming Blocked Energies

Energy Balancing: Cancer – Overcoming Blocked Energies

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  • February 8, 2017

How would you survive cancer? Coping with it can be overwhelming, confusing, frightening, and frequently approaches dealing with it are very intense on the body with many side effects.

What is cancer as we “see” it? Cancer in a body as we “see” it is caused when the flow of Universal Energies are blocked as those Energies cannot flow through the body, but instead “accumulate” causing damage at a cellular level. The more aggressive the cancer is, the bigger the stagnation and retention of the Energy in the body.

Our process begins with understanding the basics such as what type of cancer it is, is it localized (tumor) or spread out through the body (metastasize), what stage is it at, and what remedies have been sought prior to coming to us.

We arrive at this information in several basic ways, most of which are observed by us during a preliminary informational conversation with the client. That discussion allows us to become familiar with what the client understands their condition is, how they connect with that situation within themselves, and also helps us ascertain the general emotional state of the client. During that initial process, we are able to observe in detail the various layers of their aura that are involved with that current condition. In turn, that assists us in determining how much we can help them, and how long that overall energy balancing process may take.

We do understand that the earlier the stage, the less is needed to overcome the condition, and vice versa. We then scan several layers of the Aura Field. With this information, we are ready then to deploy several of our SiddhuPrana™ proprietary energy balancing techniques that provide thorough and sustained outcomes.

In our experiences over the past twenty plus years, we have found that results can start from the moment we begin our work, and continue with significant activity for up to several weeks after the first session. At that time, we then assess and determine if additional sessions are needed.

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