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We use our proprietary compilation of unique and exclusively designed techniques and tools to obtain accurate information and precise results; we facilitate the needs of the one, or of the many, through a vehicle allowing them to experience the difference. We accomplish this through our:


Private readings and energy sessions are provided by our exceptional consultants, who are well-trained in our own distinctly specialized techniques and ethics. Their results are accurate, precise, refreshingly thorough, and clearly outstanding. Private 1/1 Topics and Services include

Intuitive Readings: Our most requested session by far, the Intuitive Reading helps guide our clients through the hurdles, quagmires, perplexing choices and decisions they encounter while taking that “next step” in life.

Energy Balancing (also known as Energy Healing): Using the foundations of our Energy Healing protocol, our other most frequently requested session assesses the Electromagnetic field of an individual. Those results are coordinated exclusively with our more specific healing protocols to provide quick and impressive results.

Cross Over Readings: Because it “connects” one to someone who has passed on to an afterlife, this is a very fulfilling session. It provides confirmation of the person, or people, that an individual has been hoping to reach, and can help provide comfort from them, and bring about closure to that chapter of their life.

Life Purpose Sessions: A session designed to help provide a better understanding of the work an individual has come here to do in this lifetime, including specifics provided about the path and type of that work.

Medical Intuition: This session analyzes the physiological body, as well as the emotional body, to understand what ailments are present in those two bodies. Basically, reveals what is medically out of balance with the individual from an energy work viewpoint.

We are now offering a session which helps lower energy hurdles and energy obstacles with the focus of overcoming past-life restrictions in order that one can move successfully through this current life with the hope of achieving what you have come here to achieve. This session is priced so that all can benefit from this service.

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Introductory, Core, Advance Classes & Classes for Empaths.

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