Energy Balancing: Cancer – A Successful Story

Energy Balancing: Cancer – A Successful Story

Project Description
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  • September 2, 2014

A number of years ago, a gentleman in Northern Europe contacted a student of mine in Asia. I learned from my student that this fellow’s significant other, a female in her late forties, had been diagnosed with cancer, and was, at that point in time, almost at the fourth stage.

This gentleman (he was both a gentleman and a gentle man) informed my student that his significant other’s condition was, according to her doctors, very severe, and that she was in much physical pain. There was not much else they could do for her. My student suggested contacting me to see if there was anything that could be done. When that gentleman and I connected, I came to understand that the tumors, which had started in the woman’s lower body, were growing throughout her body, and were now also in her lungs.

My first question to him was did the woman believe in the type of work that I do? The answer was “no”. She was very religious, and believed anything outside the accepted medical profession was to be ignored. But he believed in energy balancing and hoped that she would have an open mind. He added that his beliefs came from personal life experiences and he wanted to give her every opportunity to live.

I do not take my work lightly, so I felt that there were a number of issues and concerns that I, as an energy balancing and intuitive master, had to overcome first before accepting this assignment. These concerns and challenges included: did this woman really want to be healthier, or was it that her significant other wanted that for her; and was this case past a point of help, seeing that it was almost at the fourth stage? There were other concerns, but the two preceding ones were my main ones.

With these in mind, I informed them that I would need to meditate on this matter in order to understand if I was the correct person to help her, and would get back in touch by the next day.

By the following day, the conclusion was to move forward as I had the woman’s permission via her “Higher Self”, and that it would likely take about four or five separate one-hour sessions. These sessions would include: (1) stopping the pain; (2) stopping the spread of the tumors; (3) shrinking the tumors; (4) making sure that her own bodily defenses would “kick in”, and to provide assistance and support for this aspect of the process; (5) following up and making certain all the work was done completely and permanently.

Further, and to ensure that we had quick results, I asked my student in Asia to help with a component of the work, so I could more fully focus on my protocols. Thus began the process.

The first session was conducted on the telephone. Basically, her entire body was in much physical pain in addition to the cancer. This first session was the critical one because if the pain could not be stopped, then I could not proceed with the remaining components.

I started the first session with a question. I asked the woman, “Would you like me to fix you?”, to which she replied “yes”. This is what her Higher Self had said would happen and there it was. As I began, I could sense the fear in her, along with the past life connections to her illness. (I believe that we don’t just positively affect the body in this realm, but in many realms.)

As I continued to sense her fear, I informed her that she and/or her significant other could ask as many questions of me as they needed to about what I was doing. I further explained that these were her sessions, and I am of the mindset that my clients need to know what is going on in regards to my work for them. This helped calm her fear.

As we began, she asked what she needed to do. I explained that I would request that she do certain things, which would provide me with feedback on the work I would be doing for her. For the next forty odd minutes we went through her chakra systems. During this session, I worked on her chakras, both major and minor. Those forty minutes were very intense in terms of the Energy flow going through her body. My protocol required simultaneously monitoring the physical, as well as the ethereal body, and based on feedback modifying the Energy flow to suit the work. The Chakra work, I have found, has to do with cross-lifetimes energy balancing. This was done to make sure that I get to the problem’s point of inception, the one that influenced the (in this lifetime) cancer. Simultaneously during that time, there was focused energetic work addressing the pain in her body. For the remaining twenty minutes I enhanced and focused the Energy towards the remaining pain in her body.

Periodically, during that hour, I asked questions for verbal feedback on how she was feeling. Among various types of indicators that can typically happen during a session, there were temperature changes that she could feel, and a vibrational sensation that went through her body. Those, and other indicators, told me how much Energy was appropriate for her and her situation.

During the last twenty minutes of that first session, her pain began to dissipate. To her surprise, by the end of the hour there was almost no pain in her body. That success made her eager to go forward. I explained to her that her body needed to become accustomed to that energy and we needed to move slowly. I explained that if the pain were held down for a twenty-four hour period, we would reengage and proceed to the next step.

The following evening we used Skype, so we had visual contact. With confirmation that the pain had not returned, we began the second session. With the ability to visually see her, I was able to energetically sense her lungs, her body, and her feelings even more directly. My goal for the session was to contain the tumors to one section of her body. About fifty-five minutes into the session I sensed we had achieved our goal. I believed that the work I had done would impact the tumors, begin to stunt the growth and possibly begin to shrink the tumors.

Although the doctors had given up on curing the cancer, they were still monitoring the growth of the tumors. Her next appointment for the physicians to measure the size of her tumors using an ultrasound device was scheduled for one week later. All of us felt we should wait a bit before moving forward with a third session.

The day of her doctor’s appointment we connected through Skype. I could tell immediately that her energy level had increased and her coloring had improved. She told me it was a miracle, not only had the tumors not spread, they were contained back to their original area in the lower body, and they had shrunk. This was the result that showed in the ultrasound examination.

When I asked if there was confirmation from the doctors of improvement in her condition, she said with the pictures the doctors could measure the tumors. She said that the tumors had shrunk enough that there was a measurable difference in their size from those taken previously. The physicians couldn’t understand why, and not surprisingly, they didn’t give her a reason, and also they did not ask if she had done anything different.

In the third session my intent was to shrink the remaining tumors. As I worked on her, I asked a lot of questions, that to her were simple yes and no answers, but they gave me guidance on where best to direct the energy balancing efforts. I also made sure that all her chakras, all the way down to the minor ones were clean.

Her next doctor’s appointment was three weeks after our third session. The next evening after her medical appointment, we met on Skype for our fourth session. During this session, she told me that the tests showed no tumors. Thinking their machine was malfunctioning the doctor had moved her to a different machine and had the tests redone — still no tumors.

From our first phone conversation, when I had observed an energetic sense of death within her, to her fourth session, her life force had come back. During that session, I once again, went through her physical and ethereal bodies making sure that he cancer was “gone”, and that there were no further energetic connections remaining that might bring the cancer back. If there were any such energetic connections to her ethereal body, then that would have meant the energy balancing had not been completed, and then the cancer could therefore return again.

This was a very humbling experience for me. We kept in touch for about a two year period, during which there were no signs of cancer returning within her.