A Clairvoyant Story: Relationships

A Clairvoyant Story: Relationships

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  • September 2, 2014

Clairvoyant sessions are fun because they demand a plethora of gifts that include the ability to accurately “see” not only a future event, a past (of this life) event, one or more past lifetime(s), the aura field and some good conversation with the Guides and Angels of the person being “read”.

Take the case of Dave, a straightforward man with not very many wants. Dave is a truck driver. His livelihood keeps him busy hauling something from one place to another in his truck. Although he chose not to pursue a higher level of education, his ideas and thoughts were very deep and could have just as well come from someone who had furthered their education. Dave, a consistent man, who had children, was (at the time I met him) divorced for a number of years. He was introduced to my weekly meditation get-togethers and began attending them diligently every week.

After about a year plus into the weekly meditations, Dave informed me that he was ready for a clairvoyant session. When I asked him what information he was seeking, he said that he wanted to be with someone and perhaps even get married a second time. So all the information he wanted was who, where, when and how this would happen, and if it was actually meant to happen.

So we sat down one day and I began to “tune in”. I first informed him why (other than the obvious reasons) his first marriage did not last. The details given about his former spouse, children, and him were clear, specific and (according to his immediate feedback) “actually quite accurate”.

Having reviewed that past event, the next many minutes began to present the various details he was seeking. Information flowed in such as: “you will be sitting across from each other at a restaurant talking about your meal when you first meet her”; “she will be of such-and-such a height”; “she will have large brown eyes and wavy light brown hair”; “she will be very interested to hear you comment about your food because she loves to cook”; “you will like her pleasantness and caring nature”; “you will meet her in the early afternoon”; “you will meet her in XXX (the exact name of the city)”; “it appears to be a chance meeting as far as you are concerned”; “her name will be announced to you before you meet her”; “her first name is XXX (her exact name)”; “this will happen in about 12 months or so from now”. And more details as specific as the ones I have mentioned here.

Dave being a practical, but deep thinking man, felt that such a scenario was not likely given his line of work. In fact he “would feel rather awkward sitting down with a stranger and having a meal…and oh, by the way early afternoon? I drive for a living so how can that be??”

About thirteen months later, on a weekday around four pm or so, I received a call from Dave. He was very excited as he began describing an encounter he had just experienced. As this experience had been unfolding, he said it had seemed very familiar as though he had heard it in a story he had read. By the time the event had finished, it had dawned on him that he had just been through, in real life, the contents of our session.

As Dave described to me, he had been hauling “stuff” for a job, which had a deadline and took many day of non-stop driving to complete. On the last day, after having dropped of the last load toward the latter part of the morning, Dave decided to reward himself by buying himself a lunch for having completed his job successfully. As he drove down this one street, he decided to follow his “stomach” and as a straightforward person, stopped to eat at the next restaurant he saw, because he was hungry.

He parked right outside of Stella’s Restaurant. The phrase underneath the name of the restaurant read “simply a good home cooked culinary experience”. It was almost 1:45 pm as he entered the simply decorated, small, and quaint place. There was just one other table that had customers at that time, and it appeared that they had just finished eating and were paying their bill. The remainder of the restaurant was empty. His first thought was that the service was slow, and there seemed to be only one person holding down the fort. He patiently waited and subsequently ordered his meal. While waiting for the food to be served, he realized that indeed the woman who seated him was not only the waitress, but also the bus-person, as well as the cook.

When he was almost done eating, the waitress, bus-person, cook came to his table and wanted to know how his meal was. As such they began to talk about his “dining” comments. Since there weren’t any other customers, she asked if she could sit down with him to ask a few more questions.

As he sat across from her, he began to notice her brown eyes and hair, and soon learned that she was the owner of the restaurant and that both the cook and waitress were a no show that day. She explained that her passion was cooking, and opening a restaurant in her name was a dream of hers. As he stood up, so did she, and her height was confirmed…and before he left Stella, he said he enjoyed both his meal and having someone to talk to.

As he walked out, he realized when and where he had heard all this before. In closing, he informed me that he had not only continuing to eat at Stella’s Restaurant, but was experiencing other restaurants and more with Stella!