Experience the Difference with Nand Harjani

Experience the Difference with Nand Harjani

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  • February 8, 2024

Discover the fascinating journey behind Creative Life Sciences with Nand Harjani, a trailblazer in the fields of healing and clairvoyance. Over three decades ago, Nand embarked on a mission to set new standards, achieving a remarkable accuracy rate of over 95% in clairvoyance and delivering unparalleled success in healing practices. Today, his unique modality attracts clients globally, ranging from healers to business professionals seeking precise intuitive insights. Explore Nand’s Energy Mastery Classes, business intuitive consulting, and more in his exclusive MysticMag interview below.

What is the story behind Creative Life Sciences and how was it founded?

More than three decades ago, I embarked on a mission to become a trailblazer in the realms of healing and clairvoyance. My initial mandate was clear: to strive for excellence and set new standards in these fields.

With this vision in mind, my first objective was to devise mechanisms and protocols for healing and intuition that were not only simple to implement and explain but also exceptionally precise. My aim was to achieve an accuracy rate of over 95% in clairvoyance and to deliver unparalleled success in healing practices.

Through dedicated effort, I crafted a unique modality, complete with specialized tools and techniques tailored to facilitate the presentation of highly accurate information during sessions.

Today, our reputation speaks for itself as clients from around the globe seek us out, often through word-of-mouth referrals. Our clientele includes numerous healers and clairvoyants, a testament to the effectiveness and impact of our work.

Can you walk me through one of your intuitive readings?

During an intuitive session, typically lasting an hour, we begin by obtaining the client’s permission to access their Soul Records. Once granted, we delve into a wealth of information encompassing past lives, relationship ties, life purposes, and actionable steps necessary to fulfill their current life goals.

The intuitive readings are rich in clarity and specificity, offering detailed insights including names, locations, and vivid descriptions of both physical and emotional attributes.

Throughout the session, we employ a range of specialized tools exclusive to our modality to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information presented, while also addressing any obstacles encountered and providing strategies to overcome them. 

What is unique about your business intuitive consulting and how can it help businessmen?

I’ve identified three key areas where businesspeople often seek assistance, regardless of their company’s size.

Firstly, there’s a crucial need to assemble the right team and support network, which includes finding suitable staff, accountants, suppliers, and other essential partners.

Secondly, businesses frequently require guidance on growth strategies and direction. For example, they may need help deciding whether to lease a specific storefront or choose between different products like “X” or “Y”.

The third and most critical aspect involves providing business owners with resources to make informed decisions. This could involve training sessions or presenting practical tools that facilitate clear decision-making processes.

Similar to personal intuitive sessions, we offer a high level of accuracy in business consultations. However, we also consider the impact of various factors like staff dynamics, supply chains, and other elements that influence clarity.

For instance, we can assist real estate agents by providing insights into when a listing might sell, energetically screening potential buyers, and determining an appropriate sale price. Additionally, through specific sessions, we can energetically refresh the property by clearing old or residual energies, ensuring they don’t hinder the sale process.

What can people hope to learn through your Energy Mastery classes?

We offer three distinct categories within our Energy Classes.

The first category, our Empath Class, is tailored for individuals who identify as intuitive but can find the emotional burden of others overwhelming. These classes equip participants with practical tools to process and deflect energies, safeguarding them from harmful influences. Our aim is to provide instant, actionable solutions for managing healthy empathic abilities.

The second set of classes targets professionals in the business sphere. These sessions primarily focus on furnishing participants with essential tools for staff and supplier selection, as well as decision-making strategies crucial for navigating the business landscape effectively.

The third category encompasses our Energy Mastery Classes. Here, students delve into understanding and harnessing the electromagnetic field. These classes also include tools to enhance healing capabilities and develop clairvoyance techniques, aligned with our specific modality. Upon completion, participants graduate as Energy Masters, equipped with advanced knowledge and skills in energy manipulation and holistic healing practices.

What other services do you offer?

Additionally, we provide presentations covering topics such as “Recognizing Signs of Guidance” and introductory sessions on remote viewing, space clearing, and aura viewing. These presentations are flexible and can be conducted in person or online.

Furthermore, we offer a subscription-based general protection service lasting 30 days. This service shields individuals from various exposures, including energies from cell towers and other sources.

We invite you to explore our website for more information on our offerings and read the testimonials we have received. To set up an appointment or to reach out to us via email: