How to Prepare for a Session

How to Prepare for a Session

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  • March 28, 2016

Over the many years of facilitating private one-to-one sessions, we at Creative Life Sciences have been frequently asked by new clients, “How can I prepare for a session with one of your Consultants?” With this article, we provide the instructions, as detailed below, on how to prepare for your session.

The process is simple and straightforward. And, while we offer a variety of different kinds of sessions, preparing for any one of them is the same. This also includes preparations for face-to-face sessions, ones held over a video communication platform (like Skype), or sessions on the telephone.

First and foremost, this is your session, and we are here to provide you with either information or a repair (a healing). We feel it is very important to mention that the time during the session will go by very quickly, so we sincerely recommend that you are prepared as follows:

  1. Select the Type of Session: Choose the type of session you would like to have. To see a list of those, please visit the “Sessions” page on website, www.creativelifesciences/sessions. Once you know which one you want, scroll down that page and click on the “Select Service” button. On the “Select Service” page, choose the consultant and type of session, and then click “Submit”.
  2. Fill out and Submit Disclaimer: On the Disclaimer webpage, be sure you review our disclaimer, fill out the form below it, and then click on the “Accept” button below it. After the disclaimer form has been filled out and submitted, we will contact you by email or phone to schedule your session. (VIP NOTE: Our policy is that if we do not have your completed disclaimer, then the session will be cancelled.)
  3. Schedule the Session: When we contact you to schedule your session, be sure to choose a time for it when you will not be disturbed or rushed. And, if the session will be by video communication (like Skype), or by telephone, make certain you will have appropriate privacy as well.
  4. Have a List of Your Questions Ready: Prior to the session, spend some time considering, and then deciding on, the questions you want to ask. VIP NOTE: Keep your questions clear and simple. Vague or cluttered questions will generate vague or cluttered answers. Conversely, precise or specific questions provide precise answers.
  5. Be Careful What You Ask For: Don’t ask a question you do not want the answer to.
  6. Send a Photo of Yourself: If you are doing a telephone session, then it is a good idea to forward your photo to us by email prior to the session.
  7. Other Photos: If you want to ask about someone else, please remember to bring their photographs with you, or to send them by email prior to your session.
  8. Take Notes: If you want to take notes, have a notebook and a pen ready. Having a recording device can be an alternative to taking notes, but our experience has taught us that writing down relevant information is more helpful overall.
  9. Focus (Free from Distractions): Before the session starts, minimize distractions: Radio (turn off); Television (turn off); Cell phones (power down or mute). This will help you to focus on your questions, and the consultant’s responses.
  10. Dress Comfortably: Prior to the start of your session, make sure you are comfortably dressed.
  11. Comfortable Seating: Prior to the beginning of your session, select a good, comfortable place to sit on during it.
  12. Have Water on Hand: Always have some drinking water near you. We have come to understand that our protocols tend to make people thirsty.
  13. Scheduling Other Sessions: If you would like to schedule a follow up session, or another type of session, ask for that at the end of your session. We always give priority scheduling to an existing client.

After your session, you will receive an e-mail from us with a testimonial form attached. We would very much appreciate your filling it out and returning it back to us. Please note that your testimonial may be posted on our website. We can keep your identity anonymous if you request that we do so.

In conclusion, if you follow the above outline on preparing for your session, we know you will have a productive one.