Energy Balancing: Pollution Relief

Energy Balancing: Pollution Relief

Project Description
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  • February 27, 2016

A few days into her business trip to Hong Kong, my client, Ellen called me to ask for my help as a Medical Intuitive. During our conversation, she described how much discomfort she was going through. She complained of non-stop tearing eyes, difficulty in breathing, feeling miserable overall body aches, trouble sleeping, a lack of concentration, and an overall sense of being tired all the time.

I was able to determine that her condition was due to air pollution and then offered to use a specific protocol to get her to a better state. Once I started working on her, she began giving me feedback while we were still on the telephone with each other. Within minutes she began to feel less tired and miserable, her eyes had almost stopped watering, and she felt more clarity in her thinking. Weeks later, she told me the symptoms she had described were all gone within half a day following our call, and that they did not return during her remaining three weeks in Hong Kong.

How did I arrive at the protocol that we use to help clients like Ellen? For many months, there have been various news reports on the Internet, television, and in print about existing deep levels of air pollution in China. These reports suggest that this is as bad as it ever has been, and included an expectation that it will continue to worsen. With a focus on a desire to help provide relief as an Alternative Healer, I questioned how such pollution impacts one’s Soul and body during this lifetime. As you can tell by the actual interaction with this Client, the impact can be profound.

I started off by developing a deeper understanding of what air pollution is, its causes, and impacts on the human body. Part of that information included the basic dictionary definition of pollution… that it is “the presence in or the introduction into the air of a substance which is harmful or has a poisonous effect”.

There are numerous discussions on the various types of air pollution, and the amount it takes of those substances to be harmful to humans. These can include such compounds as sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and nitrogen oxides just to name a few. As an example, it is known that nitrogen oxides are produced as a direct result of combustion engines’ emissions. And also that some of the conditions linked to long-term exposure to various pollutants are lung cancer, heart disease, and asthma attacks, etc.

The above got me thinking about the work that we do at Creative Life Sciences, and how to come up with a way to mitigate the impact of pollution on the body. My focus while developing this protocol had to include the following: (1) Does pollution impact the flow of the Life Force (Chi, Prana) through the body?; (2) What happens to the Ethereal Body because of pollution?; (3) What can be done to either overcome or mitigate that impact?

To understand, I utilized a process of “seeing” which Chakras (major, minor and sub-minor) were impacted due to the effects of pollution. To observe the results, I used our (Creative Life Sciences) unique system of viewing the Aura fields. Since we use multi-Aura layer fields for analysis, I inferred that I would likely see impact on at least three separate layers of the Aura field. And that those results would be present in face-to-face, as well as long distance work.

During 2015, we presented this newly developed protocol to 25 Clients. These Clients included some who lived in Hong Kong, some who travelled to China (for business and for pleasure), some who lived in several Asian countries, and also some in the US who traveled to high pollution areas such as Los Angeles, etc.

In 23 out of 25 of the Clients who participated we saw very positive results. The results for these Clients included the following: (1) Reduction in, or complete relief from, “watery eyes”; (2) No breathing issues were experienced; (3) Overall vitality and energy level increased (less tired feeling) and were sustainable; and (4) Improved clarity of thought and alertness. As we suspected, several layers of Aura fields were impacted — the first, second, and fourth. In each case, we noticed a shift of Universal Energies through the major and some of the minor Chakras. The sub-minor Chakras were not affected.

The remaining 2 Clients already had other ongoing, non-pollution related issues with their chests and nasal areas. These two experienced some improvement from this particular protocol, though it was not noticeably significant. Those results were based on Client feedback, as well as our “observation” of their Auras.

Our findings present the following initial conclusions: (1) There is a clear and immediately noticeable positive impact on the body as reported by almost all of the Clients; (2) The effects of the protocol have a life-cycle of approximately 30 days; (3) For those who had recently traveled into the area, the impacts of the pollution dissipated completely, whereas those who live regularly in the various environments had a “considerable” and “noticeable” change lasting anywhere from 25 to 30 days, after which they began to feel the “weight” of the pollution again.

Our conclusion is that given this feedback, it is recommended that individuals traveling to such polluted areas for a temporary stay receive this protocol from us before beginning their travels. For individuals living in such areas on a longer term basis, it is recommended that this protocol be repeated for three months in a row to obtain better results.