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Digestive Health

Many of us live every day with some form of gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or abdominal discomfort and think, “Oh, it’s normal” or “I’ll just take some medication and it will go away.” However, did you know that 70% of …

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What Makes for a Good Psychic Reading?

When seeking the services of someone with the gift of intuition it is important that the choice of whom to see is made with thought and care. I order to accept the guidance of someone who has a unique gift, it …

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Energy Balancing: Cancer – Overcoming Blocked Energies

How would you survive cancer? Coping with it can be overwhelming, confusing, frightening, and frequently approaches dealing with it are very intense on the body with many side effects. What is cancer as we “see” it? Cancer in a body as we “see” it is caused when the flow of Universal Energies are blocked as those Energies cannot flow through the body…

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Integrative Approach: Lyme Disease – Part 1

Lyme Disease. What exactly is it and why has it been called the “Great Imitator”? How did it go from first being clinically diagnosed in 1975 to a vector borne disease of epidemic proportions in less than 40 years? And what testing and treatment is available when the general medical community knows practically nothing about it? This article will be in three parts…

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Energy Balancing: Pain – Overcoming Blocked Energies

Do you have migraines, or other types of pain, and are tired of experiencing that physical pain, either most days or more often than that? Are you medicating your body when in pain? Are you tired of doing so? Fortunately, there is another way to take care of your pain. At Creative Life Sciences we have created healing approaches that use our proprietary techniques, which are focused on rapid, thorough, and long-lasting results.

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How to Prepare for a Session

Over the many years of facilitating private one-to-one sessions, we at Creative Life Sciences have been frequently asked by new clients, “How can I prepare for a session with one of your Consultants?” The process is simple and straightforward, as detailed in this article.

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Energy Balancing: Pollution Relief

A few days into her business trip to Hong Kong, my client, Ellen called me to ask for my help as a Medical Intuitive. During our conversation, she described how much discomfort she was going through…

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A Clairvoyant Story: Relationships

Clairvoyant sessions are fun because they demand a plethora of gifts that include the ability to accurately “see” not only a future event, a past (of this life) event, one or more past lifetime(s), the aura field and some good …

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Energy Balancing: Cancer – A Successful Story

A number of years ago, a gentleman in Northern Europe contacted a student of mine in Asia. I learned from my student that this fellow’s significant other, a female in her late forties, had been diagnosed with cancer, and was, …

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